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Apr 27, 2013 06:55 PM

Shu Shu's

What's the deal with this place? It is located where Tien Hong used to be....

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  1. Routine American-Cantonese but nicely flexible menu, excellent service, spiffy premises, fresh ingredients, welcome moderation in the grease and sugar departments (compare Panda Express). Not the place to find authentic Chinese cuisine, maybe, but dependable and tasty. Every neighborhood should have one of these.

    1. Yes, it is definitely an option for satisfying your craving for decent American style Chinese food. I remember liking the shrimp in serrano-black bean sauce and Mongolian beef. They have all of the iconic American Chinese items on the menu but what they serve is not the corn starch laden glop n slop that you get at many other places.

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        We tried it and were quite impressed. The preparations are definitely not the sweet, gloppy, cornstarch-laden "brown sauce" that a lot of strip mall chinese places serve. We've had lo mein, chicken lettuce wraps which were ymmy and plentiful for $5.50, singapore noodles (nice and fresh, with a lot of cut up veggies and egg mixed in, but no curry or significant heat in this one.....good for the kids and I can add my own spice).

      2. I just went. I got the kung pao and it was spicy enough, but ugh - the whole thing was swimming in grease. There was enough grease on the plate, I could actually take spoonfulls out. Just ate the top layer.

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        1. re: amysuehere

          That's too bad - I've never gotten that dish. I'll continue to get take out periodically and report back......

          1. re: rudeboy

            The noodle bowl I saw someone eating looked pretty good. I'm a sucker for wings. I may go back and try theirs.

        2. I just don't know why anyone would eat there when they could eat at Din Ho, Asia Market, or A+A.

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          1. re: Optimista

            I'd rather order the more authentic chinese dishes at Din Ho and Asia Cafe.

            Do either make an exceptional general tso's chicken or something?

            Oliver Oyl's description of Shu Shu is right on..

            1. re: Optimista

              Sometimes a person just wants a really well-made plate of orange chicken. And sometimes they want water boiled beef. But you can't get good orange chicken at Asia Market and you can't get good water boiled beef at Hunan Ranch or Shu Shu's. You go to the restaurant that specializes in the type of Chinese food you want.

              1. re: verily

                We went and ate there yesterday with the kids. I can say that the chicken lettuce wraps and the pan seared bacon green beans are very good. I really like their singapore noodles. We also got the "Chinese Yellow Curry - (Coin carrots, white onions, green bell peppers, diced green onions, Thai basil strips, tossed in a wonderfully aromatic yellow curry." The curry was good; next time I'll ask for just half the meat and more veggies - it was mostly meat. I did not detect any thai basil, however. When I had the leftovers, a bit of the curry juice seeped into the singapore noodles. That was my breakfast this morning.