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Apr 27, 2013 05:31 PM

Whole Wheat Pasta: What kind of sauce do you like to serve it w/?

I've tried whole wheat pasta w/ traditional red sauces and hated it. The whole wheat taste just overwhelms the sauce. I've had success using whole wheat pasta w/ bigger dressings featuring spinach and olives. Do you like whole wheat pasta and what sauces do you serve it with (other than traditional red)?

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  1. I eat very little pasta, but when I do, it is either whole wheat or soba noodle. Both do well with Asian flavors (sesame oil, green veg, chili) or Greek flavors ( feta, olives, artichoke).

    I think they both do well as room temp pasta "salads" as well.

    1. Agree with Sedimental -- room temperature has been most successful for me.
      Both standard red and cream sauces do not seem to fit well with wh-wh-p, but vinegars and more spicy flavours seem to.

      In regards to Asian, I also have had little success with wh-wh-p's and Thai flavours. The sesame is okay, but the subtlety seems to get lost.

      Oddly, the best wh-wh-p I've made was a play on "suddenly salad" with rotini: Kraft Greek Dressing, made with extra virgin olive oil, grape tomatoes, cubed cucumbers, sliced black olives, shredded cheddar and finely chopped broccoli.

      1. I like it best with hearty vegetables and pepper flakes and bacon ( I cook chopped bacon, add onion and garlic then veg while the pasta cooks, add pasta, some pasta water and red pepper flakes, sometimes parmesan, salt to taste) rather than traditional pasta sauces. It's especially good with cauliflower or asparagus

        1. I really like ww pasta with a garlicky spicy pesto. The nutty, heartier pasta goes well with the strong pesto flavors.

          1. Try "bigoli in salsa," a traditional Italian (Veneto) dish that actually calls for whole-wheat spaghetti (traditionally thick and extruded through a hand-cranked machine, but store-bought whole-wheat spaghetti will do). The "salsa" is made mainly of anchovies and onions cooked way down.

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              Made whole wheat egg noodles tonight (wife is borderline diabetic) as a side w/ roasted chicken. Figured some butter and sweet peas would do the trick to make it taste better. Eh no, cardboard taste of whole wheat pasta still dominanted. I recalled your post and that I had some anchovie paste in the frig and added a tablespoon. Delicious. Thank you.