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Apr 27, 2013 05:15 PM

Caramel Glaze for Eclairs

I'd like to make a caramel glaze for a batch of eclairs. I'm looking for a glaze with the general consistency of the chocolate glaze you use on eclairs. Something that will set up and is not a drippy sauce.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. You could caramelize white chocolate and thin that with a little oil or clarified/brown butter. To caramelize white chocolate, you want to go low and slow and stir every so often, either on a very low setting on the stovetop, or in the oven at about 250F. Takes a while, maybe an hour. I do it in a convection oven, so your time and temp may vary. Then add somewhere between 10-25% liquid fat by weight, depending on how thin you want it. Temperature will also determine viscosity.

    1. http://www.theextraordinaryartofcake....

      For Easter my daughter enjoys making eclairs. This is the recipe she followed this year.

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        You may be becoming my go-to for eclair info. The part I neglected to mention is that I seem to have been "volunteered" to provided dessert for my kid's school fundraising dinner dance. That has turned out to mean 250 assorted mini cream puffs and eclairs. I decided to match them to the proposed menu. Yes, I'm insane. Oddly enough, it's the glazes that are giving me problems.

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          rockycat, that is a tall task! Three day timetable: bake off the shells day one, prepare filling day two, fill & glaze day of.

          what's your plan for refrigeration?

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            I was doing the math this morning. It appears that I need 5 batches of choux paste. That builds in a little extra in case of breakage or just plain bad piping. I'm going to do that over a few nights next week and freeze and re-crisp the shells. Since the 4 (!) fillings can all sit in the fridge for 2 days, I'll make 2 sets each the 2 nights before the event. Morning of, I'll make the glazes and set up an assembly line - I'll fill shells, family members will glaze. I'm assured I have refrigeration on site. I am really hoping the organizers meant it.

            As long as I remember to let the pastry cream warm up a touch, the piping isn't too bad. This morning I did test runs of the popcorn puffs and halva eclairs. It worked pretty well.

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              You've got this, rockycat! Have fun with it the organizers are fortunate to have you. Make a few extras for you & yours to enjoy about a week later....when you can kick back and fully enjoy the eclairs yourselves!

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                I'm curious about the two you mentioned. Care to share the halva eclair & popcorn puff recipes?

                What fillings are you using in all?

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                  My proposed dessert menu is as follows:
                  Dulce de Leche Mini Eclairs with Mexican Chocolate Glaze
                  Halva Mini Cream Puffs with Walnut Glaze
                  Bourbon Mini Eclairs with Maple Pecan Glaze
                  Popcorn Mini Cream Puffs with Caramel Glaze

                  I didn't do test batches of the dulce de leche or bourbon pastry creams because I know they'll work just fine. For the dulce de leche, I'm going to mix 1 part dulce de leche into 2 parts pastry cream. For the bourbon I'll be adding about 2 Tbs. bourbon to a full batch of pastry cream.

                  The popcorn pastry cream comes directly from Les Petits Macarons by Kathryn Gordon and Anne E. McBride. The recipe is here

                  The caramel glaze complements the pastry cream very well.

                  The halva pastry cream is the one from the NY Times that you recommended, HillJ.

                  I skipped the whipped cream due to stabilization issues and left out the crumbled halva due to cost concerns. I believe it would taste a lot better with the halva, though. I'm going to make a plain glaze, maybe with a small touch of honey, and sprinkle with walnuts. Pistachios might be better, but the cost is a problem, again.

                  The pate a choux is entirely standard.
                  3/4 c water
                  6 T butter
                  1/4 t salt
                  1 c flour
                  4 eggs

                  Somehow writing this down make me feel less overwhelmed, rather than more. Step right up, folks, and watch a home pastry melt-down. :-)

                  1. re: rockycat

                    Hardly! You are amazing!! And I'm glad you found the NYT version worthy of your talents-I didn't want to assume which recipe you selected.

                    Take plenty of photos. I'm just sorry I won't be anywhere near all this goodness to take part.

                    Awesome and thanks for the links!

                    1. re: rockycat

                      Do you have a stand mixer? I use the kitchenaid to beat the eggs into my choux, saving a lot of work and allowing bigger batches. My usual batch is 3-3/4 c milk+water, 1# butter, 19 oz flour, some sugar, salt, vanilla, and 12 eggs plus a couple of whites. Makes about a hundred 2" puffs. You could definitely triple or quadruple your recipe. Make the dough as usual, transfer to mixer bowl with paddle, beat a minute to cool, then beat in eggs one at a time on a slow speed, about 2 or 3.

                      1. re: babette feasts

                        I was thinking that would make sense. I have a few large sheet pans and three shelves in the oven. This would make my life easier.

          2. So, as requested, some photos. I ended up with about 234 assorted mini cream puffs and mini eclairs. It doesn't look like all that much in the photos, but it sure felt like it making them.

            There was some small amounts of leftover pastry cream so I cheated and bought frozen puff pastry and made some napoleons for the family. One was one layer vanilla and one layer dulce de leche with sliced fresh strawberries. Another was halvah with pistachios. The halvah is excellent. I'm looking for more excuses to make it again.

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              I'm so impressed! So happy for you that it all worked out and I plan on making the halvah with pistachio vers. for Dad's day in June. Love the photos!