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Apr 27, 2013 03:43 PM

Coal fired pizza place in Belmont?

I drove up Trapelo Road this afternoon and a sign caught my eye. Where Brothers Pizza used to be I saw a sign for what I think said Max and Toni's Coal Fired Pizza.

No, not talking about Max & Leo's in Newton although that's what first came to mind. I'm pretty sure this said Max & Toni's but I was looking in the mirror!. Does anyone know anything about this place in Belmont? It's a few stores down from Vicki Lees bakery.

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  1. I noticed that for the first time yesterday. It's a mystery to me too. I hope some other local Hound can fill us in!

    1. I was intrigued and searched online. The Brother's PIzza's website has the "new" menu for Mark & Toni's Coal Fired Pizza.

      It looks like typical Greek House of Pizza stuff.

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        I didn't think to click through on the website. I see the Mark & Toni's in the top right, but the menu looks like the Brother's Pizza menu which was Greek. Doesn't look like it's an updated "coal fired" menu. Wonder if it's the dame owners?

      2. It just so happens we got takeout from here last night. It's Mark and Toni's Coal Fired Pizza and Wine Bar. It's the same owners as Brothers' Pizza and they've kept the Greek kabobs, etc. but added a coal-fired oven.

        I had never been to Brothers' so I can't really compare. The space is pleasantly redone, but I think it's a stretch to call it a wine bar. It's a small space and the takeout area is right next to the sit-down area and bar so it's not exactly quiet and peaceful. Pretty tiles and granite, though. Good for a casual, quick bite.

        The pizza was a mixed bag. The crust had pretty good flavor and wasn't lacking in salt, which is a pet peeve of mine. We had noticed that the pizza at the tables looked a little soggy so we asked for ours well-done. It definitely didn't hold up to the 10+ minute ride home and was pretty soft by then, but that's to be expected. The sauce was a little herby but not overpowering. We ordered a margherita, which was flavorful although we might have liked a little more cheese (but then I do love my cheese). We also ordered a small plain cheese just to check it out. The cheese blend had a lot of flavor and went pretty well with the sauce. Our other pizza was a "Zoe" with Italian sausage, roasted peppers and (slightly overly sweet) caramelized onions. Nice flavor combo and although it definitely made that crust the soggiest, we would probably order it again.

        The small pizza is pretty tiny, more of a personal size. The large seemed to be a standard 16". The pizza might be a little salty for some, although we appreciated this. It's definitely not Greek pizza. The young guy working the pizza oven was very attentive and really seemed to know what he was doing. He definitely seemed well-trained.

        One of our group also ordered a spinach salad with steak tips. The salad was fresh and tasty, and the three steak tips on the side were also fine but pretty chewy. They were grilling all the meats to order.

        This isn't desination pizza like Max and Leo's, but it's more flavorful than much of the pizza in the area and we agreed we'd give it a try again since it's very convenient.

        I've attached a photo of the oven. It's beautiful.