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I need to hard cook 5 dozen eggs....

Do you think I can cook all 60 at the same time in an 8 qt soup pot?


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  1. i personally wouldn't try it, but i cook my eggs starting in cold water: with such a large volume of water, i would think that the eggs on the bottom would cook before those on the top. i can't prove that - just my gut feeling

    1. You might try doing them in the oven. At least the heat would be equal all around. I think I'd do a practice round first though.


      1. What are the eggs for?

        If a clean/easy peel is key (for deviled eggs, etc) then I would do them in batches as you risk that they will not be cooked evenly.

        If its for anything where the eggs can be a bit mangled and the the yolks can run the range from just cooked to possibly very cooked/chalky (egg salad, etc) go for it.

        1. I think you can if you bring the water to a boil on the top of the stove, add the room-temp eggs which have been pricked once on the large end, cover, and put into a preheated 225 oven.

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            This would be easier with a pasta basket, so they could all be immersed at once.

          2. Maybe do them in a few batches.

            1. Yes

              I've done it before. The 5 doz pkg from Costco.

              No problems.

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                Hello Ipsedixit,

                How do you cook your large quantity of eggs?

                I have no pasta basket (alas) so I would put all the eggs into an 8 quart metal stock pot, add cold water to cover all the eggs, bring to a boil, then turn off the heat and let the pan sit on the burner until the pan is cool. Then I'd remove the eggs and store in the refrigerator. Think that will work?

                The eggs are for a work breakfast. Each person will peel his/her own. I would need to be institutionalized if I had to peel 60 eggs....


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                  Yes, that's how I do it. Except I don't cover, reduces the "violence" of the boiling water and hence the likelihood of breakage.

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                    I hard boil starting with cold water, but bring it to a near boil, then cover and turn off the heat. But a large pot of water will take too long to cool. I think your eggs will be overcooked. I cool down the eggs after about 12 minutes sitting covered.

                2. Google oven hard boiled eggs. I have never tried it, but people swear by the method. You can easily do as many at one time as you have muffin tins for.

                  1. You have had some good suggestions. I'd like to suggest you get the eggs as soon as possible. Very fresh eggs are very difficult to peel. You can age the eggs by allowing to sit at room temperature. They will age by 1 week every 24 hours.

                    1. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. Eggs have been hard cooked and are now cooling.

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                        What method did you use, and did they cook evenly?

                      2. I see I'm too late, but I was gonna suggest steaming them.

                        1. If you need to peel all of those eggs so they are presentable, deviled eggs for example, I would not cook them in water, steam them instead. Here is a thread that explains it. I was surprised at how easy steamed eggs are to peel, even real fresh eggs.


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                            Hi all,
                            I cooked them using Alton Brown's method for cooking a "boatload" of eggs.
                            My steamer is somewhat flimsy and I don't think it would have supported 60 eggs.
                            I'll know tomorrow if they cooked evenly. I'll try to watch as my coworkers peel their eggs to see if they look uniform.

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                              Is the AB method where they are baked in an oven?

                              When I steam eggs I use the pasta insert that came with our 8 quart kettle (I don't use it for pasta).

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                                Hi John,

                                This is the AB method for cooking the eggs in a large pot of water on the stovetop. Alas, I don't have a pasta insert.