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Apr 27, 2013 03:10 PM

I need to hard cook 5 dozen eggs....

Do you think I can cook all 60 at the same time in an 8 qt soup pot?


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  1. i personally wouldn't try it, but i cook my eggs starting in cold water: with such a large volume of water, i would think that the eggs on the bottom would cook before those on the top. i can't prove that - just my gut feeling

    1. You might try doing them in the oven. At least the heat would be equal all around. I think I'd do a practice round first though.

      1. What are the eggs for?

        If a clean/easy peel is key (for deviled eggs, etc) then I would do them in batches as you risk that they will not be cooked evenly.

        If its for anything where the eggs can be a bit mangled and the the yolks can run the range from just cooked to possibly very cooked/chalky (egg salad, etc) go for it.

        1. I think you can if you bring the water to a boil on the top of the stove, add the room-temp eggs which have been pricked once on the large end, cover, and put into a preheated 225 oven.

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            This would be easier with a pasta basket, so they could all be immersed at once.

          2. Maybe do them in a few batches.