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Apr 27, 2013 02:35 PM

most fabulous dinner in colubus ohio $$$ no object

your recommendations pls for a client dinner- thanks

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  1. Can you give us more information as to what you're looking for? Type of food? Atmosphere?

    My go-to recommendations for a nice dinner to impress a client would be Rigsby's, Lindey's, and G. Michaels. Or maybe Deep Wood.

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      hi thx- looking for great food ccol modern place, nothing old world opento type of cuisine, $ no object many thx

    2. I live in Dayton and have been to the Eddie Merlot in Cincinnati but not Columbus. I have some friends in Columbus that are high end foodies and they swear Eddie's in Columbus is the city's best restaurant.

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          I don't visit Columbus often enough to proclaim anything as the best restaurant there definitively, but I can honestly say that the one meal I've had at Eddie Merlot's was the best steakhouse meal I've ever eaten. Simply fantastic across the board.

        2. G. Michaels is fabulous.... Deep Wood I haven't been to but heard great things... if you want to go really local and funky (restaurant is in a a renovated house), I would recommend Alana's in the University District, menu is always changing, Alana the head chef comes out to speak with guests and offer small bites, fabulous place.... Rigsbys is good too, but I would pick one of the others first....

          If you want to go old school, The Refectory is the real "money is no object" restaurant; the chef there is consistently nominated for the James Beard every year, but the restaurant is a bit out of the way, and very traditional in the sense of a white tablecloth type atmosphere, if you want to be a bit more casual, I like to sit at the bar... but you will not regret the food!