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Apr 27, 2013 02:12 PM

A great Rib Eye needed

Looking for dinner for tomorrow night. We are staying downtown but will travel using public transit to get get a really great rib eye. Don't want Morton's or McCormick chain type place; looking for something that is local.

Entree $40 - 50 range.


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  1. David Burke's Primehouse and Chicago Cut Steakhouse have some of the best steaks in town.

    Incidentally, Morton's *IS* local to Chicago. The late Arnie Morton started the chain right here, after developing the Playboy empire and opening his other namesake restaurant, Arnie's. His children continue his legacy, mostly here in Chicago; son David owns Pompei and DMK Burger Bar, son Michael heads the N9NE group of steakhouses, daughter Amy owns/manages Found Kitchen, a restaurant in north suburban Evanston, son Peter owns Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, and daughter Stephanie owns a photographic production company.

    1. Thoroughly enjoyed David Burke Prime, excellent dry aged beef, ribeye spectacular.