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Apr 27, 2013 02:08 PM

Jean George's Lunch

Going tomorrow to try their lunch for the first time and was hoping some would share their opinions and experiences. Had 2 questions in particular:

1) should I opt for an additional dish? - not sure how big the portion sizes are, etc . Would hate to miss out on a cant miss dish too bc I felt limited to only 2 dishes

And in a similar vein

2) can't miss dishes? Off the spring menu, looked up and read some earlier posts but was wondering if anyone had a new opinion/experience since

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I haven't been recently, and I don't think the skate with Chateau Chalon sauce has been on the lunch menu for some time. (If it is, order it! It's great!) So my one recommendation is: Leave room for dessert.

    1. I went again a couple of weeks ago..

      I'm usually ok with two courses and a dessert, last time I had the peekytoe crab dumpling (loved them) and the arctic char (good, but I'd rather have the sea bass which is one of my favorite).

      The foie gras brulè is always worth it if you like foie, that's the only dish I would have added if I didn't have to go back to work right after lunch.

      1. I have not been recently but serving sizes are a good lunch, you won't leave hungry. Agree with below comment dessert was awesome. Fyi be wary of beverage costs if you are on a budget, my sparkling water was $$$.

          1. Hello, I'll be dining at JG for lunch soon. I've never been there so I was looking for recommended dishes when I stumbled upon this thread.
            A quick question - I did not see the foie gras brule on the menu but there is a foie gras and strawberry granola. Has anyone tried the latter? Is yes, then what did you think of it? I was also thinking of getting the black sea bass. Is that something that is recommended or should I get something else? Lastly, if I add the dessert, any suggestions on what to get? Thanks!

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              Hi - had lunch there a few weeks back. I actually didn't see the foie gras brulee on the menu at the time either, but I did opt for the foie gras torchon w/ granola which I thought was great. A seemingly odd combination, but it had great texture and I thought it was a good dish overall.

              Other dishes I tried: crispy peekytoe crab red snapper - both really good. The standout dish for me though was the confit suckling pig - this was real deal good.

              The desserts are also really good, not an afterthought - whimsical presentations of individual 'ingredients' - we had the chocolate and citrus tastings. They present a few different preparations centered on whichever ingredient you choose. We really enjoyed both and you should choose whichever ingredient you fancy at the time.