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Apr 27, 2013 01:58 PM

Appleton, Wi. Jerky only store

I was upstate and saw a billboard for the place.
Worth a quick stop in if you drive that way on the way to Lambeau field.

All things jerky
637 N westhill Blvd
Appleton, wi 54914

The web site is their name (no spaces) dot com.

They had many jerky types to sample, equipment to make it, a selection of local pickled produce, some interesting pepper and hot sauces, and bulk sawdust of various flavors.

The family in front of me spent $500. I got out for under $20, but will be back later this season to stock up on sawdust at $2.99/lb.

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  1. Who needs 500 dollars worth of Beef Jerky?

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    1. re: syrup09

      It wasn't just beef, but elk, ostrich, etc. as well as some pheasants from the cooker (bird parts, not jerky). But yes, I was astounded as well.

    2. I just got an email that they are having an exotic meat cookout on may 9th from 5:pm until 7:pm.
      Camel, rabbit, venison "and more". I'm sure we all have had rabbit and venison, but camel would be new for me.
      Apparently they also sponsor a race car which will be making an appearance.