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Suggestions for Chinese. Shanghai or Szechuan

or any other good authetic chinese. I'll be in SD for quite awhile and want to explore.

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  1. Whatever happened to the LA Sichuan place that moved to Convoy area?

    Actually, I was there last several years ago (circa 2008?) and truth be told, the meal was not very good. But I did have a great meal there prior to that visit, and had some very good meals in the LA incarnation. Wish I could remember the names of both.

    Mr Taster

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      Answering my own question... the SD restaurant was called Ba Ren, and it closed.


      Anyone remember the name of the LA restaurant?

      Mr Taster

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        You're think about Spicy House.

        There's now a Spicy City in San Diego as well, which (get this!) has migrated up north and opened up a SGV branch right in the smack of Valley Bvld ... In the Focus Plaza no less!

        What's next? Vito's expanding from LA to NYC?

      2. Chef Chin on Convoy is probably the most acceptable of generally bad options

        1. Pick another ethnic cuisine, please!

          1. China Max and Dumpling Inn (both on Convey) are decent (per my friends who do business in China) -- although neither would be classified as Shanghai or Szechuan.

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              +1 on both.

              Your best bet is a combination weapon of a Chinese companion and a secret menu.

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                China Max is Cantonese. Dumpling Inn is Northern style food, hence the jiaoxie.

                Szechuan---Joo Goo in Vegas, near UNLV, is excellent.

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                  Why drive to Vegas for Sichuanese when Shufeng Garden in Rowland Heights is 3 hours closer?

                  Mr Taster

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                    For anyone interested in looking it up, the Vegas restaurant is spelled "Jugoo".

                    Mr Taster

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                      b/c we go to Vegas on a regular basis via SWA. And hit up the other good Taiwanese, Shaanxi, Hunan, Cantonese and dim sum places while we're there. :-)

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                    Craving me some pan fried veggie tofu dumplings from Dumpling Inn...stat!
                    Side of sambal with that brown sauce for dipping..

                2. Spicy House is good stuff. Don't knock it.

                  1. Chinese isn't a real strongpoint for San Diego. Having said that, I would tepidly recommend:
                    1. Weekend Brunch/Breakfast on Chin's Miramar.
                    2. Chinamax
                    3. Littlesheep as a copout

                    If you really want spicy, I had a surprisingly decent meal at Chili Max, which replaced Ba Ren and has changed ownership multiple times. Its now a Hunan restaurant, and some of the dishes were pretty good, but Szechuan standards were well, kinda crap.

                    I would strongly recommend trying Korean or even Japanese restaurants instead if you must stay in San Diego.

                    1. Not exactly in San Diego, but in North County, you might try Spicy King on East Vista Way. Szechuan cuisine, homestyle. http://www.spicyking.com/

                      1. Try the "Chinese" menu at Chin's...

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                          Do you mean Chin's near Miramar or Chef Chin's on Convoy?

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                            I think volvo99 means Chin's on Miramar, but my opinion is Chef Chin on Convoy is far superior. (i.e. - Chin's on miramar barely edible, Chef Chin - generally edible with a few dishes really nice)

                        2. thank you everyone. i'm going to try a few of these when I can. I should start a new thread looking for other ethnic foods. I live in Queens and love trying different things.

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                            Hi there! I lived in queens for many years then moved to SD by way of SF..so I can confidently say that I've had my share of good ethnic eats esp Chinese/Vietnamese. Now, it would be hard to find anything comparable to pho bang (elmhurst) or joe's shanghai so here is what I've found to be worth checking out.

                            Korean BBQ: Manna (all you can eat)
                            Pho: Pho Hoa (only serves pho) or
                            Lucky Seafood or Pho Ca Dao (good for the price)
                            Vietnamese: Phuong Trang (BBQ pork wrap is yummy)
                            Indian: Himalayan Cuisine (not as good as baluchi's but closest do far)
                            Filipino: Tita's Kitchenette
                            Japanese: Izakaya Sakura

                            ...yet to find Chinese worth mentioning. Hope this helps.

                          2. The Del Rey Rendevouz really impressed me for lunch recently.
                            The Waiter gave a COMPLETE descreiption of the dishes, that I was interested in. This was the best knowledge of the MenuDishes, that I ever received any where in my lifetime.

                            The order of Fried Borwn Rice with Chichen was one of the very best in any chinese restaurant. The rice was perfectly cooked and SEASONED!. Much finer preparation, then I expect in a Chinese place.

                            Would not hesitate ordering most things on the menu and enjoying.. Will be back soon.

                            They know their stuff

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                              Rendevous is PF Changs for people who are too embarrassed to be seen eating at PF Changs.

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                                Fried rice isn't what I call Chinese food