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Apr 27, 2013 01:10 PM

Red Bank Food Festival 4/28

Why do I always find these things so late?

We enjoyed walking around and tasting things from the booths last year and after some last minute rearranging of schedules we are going tomorrow. Hope to see some local hounds there. I will likely be over at my office at 21 Mechanic St when I am not eating - come say hey!

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  1. Oh no, I was hoping to go to this. I looked up the date of this for the past few months and never found a date so I never took off of work and now I wont be able to go :-(

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    1. re: melissa2287

      We were going to go.. per Seal's recommendation, but my wife saw a picture of the crowd on the website, and said no way. Plus my daughter is sick with a cold anyway.

      Oh well. Seal, eat up! :)

    2. As MarlboroMan stated the crowds were outta control. We got there really early and ate before it turned to chaos so we had a nice time. then we hung out at my office and solicited the incoming crowds ;o)