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Apr 27, 2013 12:55 PM

La Louisiane on Sherbrooke: Yay or Nay?

In the mood for Cajun as I never tried it. Heard about this restaurant but wondering if it's worth the shot.

I'm famished but don't want to make any hasty decisions lol

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  1. i heard the place was horrible and overpriced.
    I'd go to Cafe Mardi Gras instead

    1. i've had 1 great and 1 terrible meal there and it is very expensive.

      1. I haven't been in over three years, but I stopped going because the food kept getting worse. It's also really expensive.

        1. It used to be a pretty good place, but I feel that it became complacent, relying on habitual customers.
          I haven't been there in years.
          I'm thinking its hit or miss nowadays, perhaps not solidly "horrible", but again, this is conjecture.
          We ate at Mardi Gras a coupla months ago with high hopes (the cook working that night was a very bored Chef Micheal, the guy who started La Luisianne, then sold it to a waiter there), but it was really dumbed down (Mrs porker compared it to a beefed up box of Zatarains....)

          I'm afraid your Cajun options are very limited here.

          1. Try Nolah in DDO instead, much much better, it's more than just spreading "cajun seasoning" on all their plates.


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              Second this - always a solid choice. Never had a bad dish there.