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Apr 27, 2013 12:35 PM

2 BELLS for Gennaro's Tomato Pie

Anyone been yet? How does it compare to the old Lombardi's in Rittenhouse?

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  1. I went there about a month ago, and I thought the pie was excellent. It's very thin, probably even thinner than Lombardi's. Sauce was very good.

    While they have a special take-out timing system, I think their pizza would be best enjoying eating it there. The thinness of it could make it soggy with a take home order (although I reheated leftovers and they were ok).

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      This is my new favorite pizza in Philly. Agree, probably even thinner than Lombardi's was. Nice and crispy, charred around the edges.
      Definitely an eat-in, probably wouldn't travel well. Dining room is really cute, small, but comfortable. Had both a red and white pizza. Preferred the white, but only because I really liked the garlic. Super fresh toppings. Really no complaints.