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Apr 27, 2013 11:52 AM

Hopscotch (Oakland)

There doesn't appear to be a thread dedicated to Hopscotch for some reason. I went there last night for the first time, and enjoyed it immensely, as did my dining companions. Very quickly:

1. Grilled chrysanthemum with poached jidori egg, bamboo shoot, and squid ink. A clever combination of flavors and textures that works very well, and which probably won't offend Alice Waters devotees.

2. Ginger braised duck gnocchi with brown butter creme fraiche, green onions. Very good indeed; I was quite pleased with it.

My companions had the duck fat chips (it is what it is; not bad at all if that's your thing), the pork chop (very nice, standard apple-y pork chop deal), and the day boat scallops (very nice, she said). We all had a "Yonsei Oyster," which is sea urchin, salmon roe, and citrus soy (also very nice, reminded me of the above-average items at Bar Crudo). Everyone was pleased. Cocktails were excellent, desserts were very nice (I had some sort of strawberry tart concoction with kernel corn and kernel corn ice cream, which was delicious.)

The server was very helpful and friendly, and I also requested as little salt on the food as possible, which they were able to accommodate.

Anyway, I would happily go there again. Below, a couple of photos. One is the gnocchi, the other is the chrysanthemum.

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  1. Huh, I could swear I posted about the meal I had there.

    Here's a thread about the late-night ramen menu:

    1. went in the early days before they had a liquor license.
      -got comped a st. george cocktail. amazing drink!

      food wasn't hitting on all cylinders. probably better now
      -steamed clams in lamb/pork broth very tender, excellent broth..
      -first base burger not executed well, came med. rare but not so juicy.
      -covina sea bass wasn't very flavorful.

      servers very professional, helpful, just the food wasn't up to expectations.

      1. I also enjoyed the Yonsei Oyster. The fried chicken was very good, as was the carrot cake with cream cheese ice cream. Thumbs up as well for the cocktails. The two that we tried were both quite good.

        1. The Yonsei Oyster is to die for. The best oyster preparation I have ever eaten. I've also had the burger, which was terrific, and wife had the fried chicken, which was quite nice (but I think it would be better if prepared bone in). My one disappointment was the fish and chips, which I had one afternoon and found disturbingly oily and with a not pleasant aftertaste. (The chips were the aforementioned duck fat chips and were excellent.)

          1. I thought the food was interesting although menu limited. I especially remember liking the crunchy salad. But I felt the service was a bit standoffish when I went, so I've never really made an effort to go back.