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Apr 27, 2013 11:47 AM

What's your favorite restaurant?

No judgments, no qualifications, no nothing. No explanation necessary.

Free pass here.

I just want to know what restaurant in LA is your absolute favorite. Not necessarily the "best" or "most expensive" (although it might be both, but who knows), just your favorite.

Like that pair of shoes that's totally broken-in, fits your feet like a pair of gloves (no we're not talking Vibram here), and which you would feel comfortable trekking the Sahara in. Not the best, or most expensive or the most stylish, just your favorite pair of loafers, sneakers, pumps, heels, whatever.

Mine might by SinBaLa.


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  1. The closest thing I have found so far: Il Grano

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    1. re: whiner

      It is really wonderful, I don't disagree. Only wished I lived closer, especially given the great lunch special.

          1. re: Servorg

            What do you get at Pann's??

            I recently moved to the culinary wasteland of Baldwin Hills Estates so Pann's isn't too far.

            1. re: john gonzales

              Patty Melt.

              Corned Beef Hash.

              Blackened Catfish.

              Fried chicken and waffles.

              Nuff Said and superlative.

                1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                  Don't forget Pann's tasty roasted turkey dinner. And their Tuesday night short ribs are pretty good too.

              1. re: john gonzales

                Sorry for getting lost in the ozone, John. Yes, the patty melt, as long as you like medium rare it's a great item. I like the onion rings better than the fries. I also like their wings, either as a dinner with mashed and the fresh, steamed spinach or with the waffle.

                On Saturdays I sometimes get their ribs. Breakfast is a winning idea and I like their country breakfast with sausage patties, potatoes with onions and green peppers and their country biscuits are smothered with sausage gravy, to gild the lily, (their biscuits are as good as I've found in Los Angeles).

                Their split pea soup is also tasty and I've never had better corned beef hash anywhere, but the problem is the CBH is a very infrequent guest on their menu and I can't figure out when or if it will be there!

                1. re: Servorg

                  Very infrequent is putting it lightly.

              2. re: Servorg

                I will surprise no CH veterans by agreeing with Servorg. There are two things I'm not fond of there (the waffles and the rolls) and one thing that is unaccountably awful (the corn muffins), but everything else I've had over the last twelve years has been either very good or damn good. They get slams for their undersalted vegetables, but those are cooked from fresh, not frozen, and there's salt on the table. And if you find them boring (as I do) just get the wonderful sautéed spinach.

                Although I live nowhere close - Pasadena, for Pete's sake! - I grab at every opportunity to be somewhere near the Magic Triangle of La Cienega, La Tijera and Centinela around midday.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  Pann's is what I always imagine Norms or Denny's to be like if either were any good.

              3. Vito. I have others for special occasions that I would call favorites, but Vito is my favorite pair of jeans.