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Apr 27, 2013 11:40 AM

Chowfind- Govinda - veg-vegan Avenue Rd and Roxborough

243 Avenue Rd at Roxborough
888 218 1040
Upstairs in the Hare Krisna temple
Parking in the 5 spaces in the drivewayon Roxborough; street (good luck), or parking structure one block south
Monday to Saturday- lunch 12-3, dinner 6-8
$10, $8 seniors and students, $5 children; prices net

I am starting a new thread to give Govinda attention.

Look, my review is unbiased- to the extent that it has overcome negative prejudices.
I don't know anything about Indian cooking. I don't like Indian cooking. To me It is war on a plate- plus yuck goop- and violates every understanding that I have of good cooking.
I like vegetables and grains, even a lot, but when a daughter in early pubescence announced that she was henceforth vegetarian we went ballistic.
And if a child of mine were to adopt a far-eastern religion I wouldn't know whether to laugh or to cry. (Sitting shiva is a response and not a deity in my culture.)

I now come to Govinda. The cooking is as good as in any place in Toronto. There are Indian influences and some Indian type dishes, but this is where it ends. The kitchen has a gentle aesthetic that would be worthy of an excellent French cook who has a light touch (eg the Ms.). Complete control of flavour, balance, harmony. And a hobbyist's dedication to doing a good job. The meal is a buffet, but everything tasted as if had been just made.

I assume that the skilled gentleness in the cooking is an emanation of the ISKON religion and as such glorifies the religion and induces (new) respect for it.

Put aside all your prejudices and come for one of the best meals in Toronto - and for next to nothing. And there is a 2 for 1 Groupon coupon currently!

I recognize that I am gushing, but it is hard to find a place that is really good in Toronto. Let alone such a bargain. Forgot about the small cost of the ingredients . It's the talent.

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  1. Sounds good!
    Is this like a restaurant?
    Do I need to attend a service or lecture before or after the meal?
    Where's the entrance to the restaurant?

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    1. re: ace123

      It is a restaurant.
      No service or lecture :-)
      Seperate entrance on Roxborough on the main side of the building. It is marked with an a-frame and Govinda's signage. Open Monday to Saturday (closed today)

    2. We've been going there for 15 years. Glad you just discovered it!

      1. Just so peeps can read the previous CH thread on Govinda's (2102):

        Though I see mention of this place from 2006!

        1. I was at Govinda for lunch yesterday, Monday. Very nice.
          The number of dishes on offer was reduced. Saturday is their biggest day and the selection is larger.
          If you go for the first time, I suggest a Saturday.

          1. I need to adjust my recommendation. The kitchen is exquisite because it is run by a priest named "Ahapuva' (sp?). He has gone elsewhere today (Tuesday) on other duties and won't return until about May14. His replacements have nothing like the touch that he has. The food is good and excellent value, but disappointing in comparison.
            My suggestion is, postpone your visit until Ahapuva returns and call 888 218 1040, the Govinda number, and ask if he is indeed in the kitchen.

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