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Apr 27, 2013 11:00 AM

Two new lunch options in Valhalla, NY

I work in Valhalla and I'm always looking for new lunch options. Two recent places opened up recently in Valhalla that serve very good lunches.

First is Sergio's. It's a Mediterranean/Italian restaurant. They serve a 2 course prix fixe lunch for $12. It's soup or salad, along with an entree. I'm partial to the meat lasagne while my co-workers rave about the chicken martini and the filet of sole. They also have a prix fixe dinner for $22 ($26 on Sat). The dinner menu looks very interesting but I don't live in the area and haven't tried them except for lunch. Heard they will have outdoor dining soon. Can't wait since the weather has been so nice lately.

301 Columbus Avenue
Valhalla, NY 10595

Second is Diache Maria's Bistro. It bills itself as a Latin restaurant but I see a lot of Dominican influences. I had a container of pernil with rice and beans for $10. The pork was tender and very flavorful. It came with some chimichurri sauce that was very strong with garlic. Eat the sauce in the office at your own risk. I look forward to trying out their fish tacos and pork tacos. I also want to try the paella although the menu said it would take 55 mins to prepare. It's not really a full size sit-down restaurant. They only have a few small tables inside and outside.

Diache Maria's Bistro
6 Broadway
Vahlhalla, New York 10595

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  1. They both sound promising. Thanks for the info

    1. Sad news:

      Just came back from Diache and was informed that I was their last patron, not just of the night, but ever. They may open a new restaurant in another location at some point in the future but I just had the last meal served there (an el chimi burger with tostones and it was amazing).

      Folks, if you're ever complaining about why this county (Westchester) can't have delicious, reasonably-priced ethnic restaurants, this is your answer right here. Smack dab in the middle of the county, steps away from the Bronx River Parkway, I doubt the restaurant was more than 20 minutes away from 75% of the Westchesterites reading this. And they couldn't bring in enough traffic to keep up a 15 seat restaurant. I recognize that I didn't talk it up at all (although I'd say that I never talk anything up and probably average about one post a year on this site) but frankly I would think that a true chowHOUND would have sniffed this place out. Unfortunately I'm not sure how many of those are left...

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      1. re: anonymouscoward2

        while i agree that for some reason westchester is more of a wasteland when it comes to reasonably priced , interesting restaurants, i'm not sure in this case that was the problem. i do keep my eyes and ears open and never heard a single word about this place

          1. re: JMF

            That's too bad about Diache. The owner was very sweet but she never had a lot of customers when I ate there. I think the main problem was that it takes too long to get the food. All my meals there ran more than an hour. I wish she had more steam table options that I can just grab and go. Wish her much luck in her next restaurant.

            At least Sergio's seems to be doing very well. A lot of companies, including mine, hosted their holiday parties at Sergio's.