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Apr 27, 2013 10:22 AM

[Edinburgh] I J Mellis - cheesemonger

My pal, GretchenS, from the Home Cooking Board gave me the heads-up on this place. She'd visited years back and rated it highly. It's a small shop and the cheese range is limited (far less than, say, the Cheese Shop, in Chester), but its produce is of high quality. You'll find some of the big names here - Montgomery and Keens Cheddar, for instance. But we asked what they had that was local and were pointed towards the Anster (


And they'll sell you the bread to eat with your cheese - fresh seven days a week.

Apparently they have three branches in the city. We visited the one on Victoria Street, just near the Castle. Certainly worth a trip, even for tourists like us, for a foody souvenir (even if one that's only going to last a day or so.)

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  1. Yup it is a good shop - I generally used to go to the one in Morningside. They have a branch in St Andrews, but if you are ever up here, I would recommend the Guid Cheese Shop too.

    1. They have a branch in Glasgow on Great Western Road. It's always a treat to visit.

      1. I am thrilled you found and liked it and very chagrined to learn that I overlooked a better one in Chester when I was there in 2007. You win some, you lose some....

        1. This is how sad I used to be even when young - used to save up my pocket money when I was at boarding school in Edinburgh to visit the cheese shop. No one could quite understand it. Except, strangely, they all wanted a bit of my very superior cheese on toast!