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Apr 27, 2013 10:17 AM

nationals park

first time going to a game. should I eat at another metro stop before going to a game?

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  1. JJim... You haven't posted much on local eats, so here are a couple of resources:

    A good, current discussion of Nationals Park eats gives Max's Kosher [falafel & shwarma] high marks although they're closed during Shabbat (at SEC 143). Also, you might like the Union Square (Shake Shack, etc.) offerings too. This season's posts here:

    Metro pre-game & more chowish - There's a new Cuban place on the Green line several stops north of the park - Mi Cuba Cafe at 14th & Park Road (Columbia Heights Metro) - Very authentic. Discussion here:

    1. does 8th Street/Barracks row still have the 'pay what you think is worth it' open-air shuttles over to the park on summer nights?

      1. You should have a beer and a hot dog and enjoy the game. It's good to be an American.