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Apr 27, 2013 09:12 AM

Montero's in Albany

We popped into Montero's last night around 6 pm for a quick bite--in the mood for a sit down dinner rather than a "to go" burrito or taco. We'd been years ago and somehow it had fallen off of our radar. Only a few of the tables were occupied maybe because of the early hour.

They brought us a basket of delicious thick corn chips and some very fresh salsa-- not too chunky so it was easy to scoop up with the chips. We ordered a basket of oven baked sweet potato fries to start-- I was very skeptical. The fries were delicious-- tasted fried not baked-- and the accompanying spicy aioli was lovely.

My husband ordered the chicken enchiladas with green sauce and I had the veggie chimichanga. Both were served with lovely green rice and your choice of beans (black, pinto or refried) as well as a dollop of guacamole and sour cream. Mine had the addition of a chopped tomato and onion salsa. He devoured his in short order claiming it "great" and "why don't we come here more often?" My chimichanga was very lightly fried and not at all heavy. I ate so much of the rice that I could only get about half way through the chimichanga so my husband finished it off. The chimichanga contained grilled onions, zucchini and red peppers along with a goodly amount of cheese-- great flavor!

I highly recommend this spot which I imagine gets hopping as the evening goes on. They have dancing and a full bar but sadly no beer on tap just a selection of 6 or 7 bottled types..

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  1. It may have fallen off everyone's radar because it changed to "Timbao" for a short while with a different menu, and that didn't last very long, and now, it is Montero's again. Same ownership all along (I believe). Given that Talavera and La Mission have a handful of very decent items, I'd expect that Montero's would, too.

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      The menus are pretty different. No mole burrito (my usual order from Talavera), but a few other things including a Cuban sandwich (not bad), I've a couple of pleasant lunches there, but nothing really memorable.

      This reminds me (same basic neighborhood) that I recently went back to Christopher's Nothing Fancy cafe for the first time in a decade and it was just as boring and bland as ever.

    2. We went to Timbao Oct 2011 and actually had quite a nice meal. The chicken skewers with a spicy ginger-pineapple-rum glaze (not chile heat, just ginger heat) were quite good.

      Even better was the three large Jamaican “Stamp and Go” fritters, minced mahi-mahi with various spices and breadcrumbs, battered and fried golden-brown. The lime-scallion cream was drizzled with a smoky red chile sauce, and the heat of both was considerable (and yes, we LOVE hot chiles!). Marinated pimento-green olives came with this, and were a nice touch.

      Soups and tacos were erratic, however. Glad to hear you enjoyed Montero's - we will have to put it back on our list. I wonder if the cook is still the same?