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Apr 27, 2013 09:02 AM

Freeze cupcakes with or without buttercream icing?


I'm making a batch of chocolate cupcakes with ganache filling, and need to freeze them for about 10 days.

I was all set to freeze them iced - classic buttercream, just butter and icing sugar. A lady at a baking school advised me that it would be absolutely fine to do that.

Then this morning while chatting about it with my daughter, she suggested freezing only the cupcakes and adding the icing the day before I need them, because icing can sweat when thawed.

Time wise it's better to get it all done now, but I'm having second thoughts about this whole sweating issue. Overthinking things, as usual!

I've scoured the boards and the internet, but I have no clear idea if it's really a problem or not.

Any advice on this?

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  1. Not a problem to freeze them iced. Freeze them on a baking sheet and don't wrap until frozen. Then, be sure to thaw them in the refrigerator to minimize sweating. If you remain unconvinced, you can make the buttercream now and freeze it, too, and ice the cupcakes the day they are needed. I've successfully frozen plain cakes, iced cakes, and buttercream separately with no problem.

    1. I would freeze and thaw separately, assembling on the day. It takes less space that way since you won't need headroom for the frosted cupcakes, and won't mess up the frosting while peeling off individual wrapping.

      Martha Stewart advises thawing baked goods IN THEIR WRAPPING/CONTAINER. That way the condensation is on the outside of the wrap/container.