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Apr 27, 2013 08:54 AM

Tavolo on Dot Ave, a very nice experience

The wife and I, with our little one in tow wanted to try someplace new (to us) and that served pizza (pretty much the only thing the littleman eats at this stage in his life....sigh), and a search of the boards using 'Milton', oddly enough (easily accessible from Rozzie, and was actually looking for a different spot that's had some buzz, but since no pizza, no go), and came across Tavolo, and thought why not?

First I would like to comment on the service....they were so nice, especially to my son, who can get a little flakey sometimes in restaurants, making sure he got his pizza first and just being great. We were seated oddly enough next to the chefs wife, and when my son spilled his water she jumped up and helped us out and got us extra napkins, etc. just a nice person, and so wasn't Chef Nuno himself, so props for that, right off the bat.

Now, the food, my sons pizza was simply outstanding. It was just a plain cheese, but was just perfect, good char on the crust, cheese bubbly and brown, and they cut it thin slivers for my son (as I doubt they cut the slices that thin for adults, but maybe I'm wrong? ) so it was easy for him to eat, just perfect. My wife and I split the antipasto, which was nice, except for one component that was better than just nice, and after letting our server know, found out was the house cured olives, they were just amazing. Normally when I get a batch of mixed olives, I'm bound to get one or two that doesn't appeal to me, but every one was fantastic, nice job Tavolo!

Our entrees were the orrichiettie (hand made, amazing) with house ground spicey sausage in an excellent tomatoe sauce, simple and perfect, and the wife got a seafood special of scallops seared with I think escarole, and a purée of I think white beans (wasn't my dish, so was fully focused on my own plate), and she ate the entire plate, she said it was excellent.

While my wife and I finished our meal, our waiter got the boy a little dish of chocolate ice cream to end the meal. It was a really nice time, with wonderful staff, surprised I had never heard of this place before last night, but give them a try, as it was really quite a nice experience.

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  1. i live in the 'hood. love tavolo.

    1. Please dont put the word out on this gem.

      It gets crowded enough as it is and I need a seat at the bar.

      I live in the hood too and Im there all the time.

      1. Love this place- great food, good beer... Had a chance to say hi to the Chef- so nice! Will be back!

        1. Since I am a regular (and sitting at the bar now) I just thought Id reluctantly put in a plug for the joint ...

          Nuno Alves is a very talented chef and the food is very good.

          The restaurant is fun but the bar is the bomb. A convivial melting pot of races, ages, incomes, genders, and sexual orientations.

          Chris Douglass eats at the bar often.

          Everyone who works there from Chris and Nuno to the bussers are extraordinarily friendly and accommodating.

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          1. re: C. Hamster

            sorry I let the cat out of the bag C.Hamster! The bar sounds great, and if I didn't have a six year old in my charge, I'd be right there with you.