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Apr 27, 2013 08:01 AM

El Frijolitos, Watsonville

i have been meaning to try this place for over a year, and finally made it for lunch yesterday. No menus, just pictures of items posted on the wall by the cashier. Small, clean no frill restaurant right off the square in Watsonville. I had a camarones tostada and carnitas taco. They were served with a big (for one person) bowl of chips and salsa. The carnitas was very moist and flavorful, and a very generous portion for $2.00. The shrimp tostada was also generous, and the shrimp was mixed with a very bright tasting pico di gallo. Even though the place is called El Frijolito, I didn't order any beans:-). I will be back when I am in the area.

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  1. And it has a facebook page,

    Says it's been around for more than 27 years.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      It is very popular with my friends who work in Watsonville, didn't realize it had been there that long!

      1. re: karenfinan

        While I knew that I see this place downtown whenever I'm in Watsonville, I had no sense of its longevity either.

    2. oops just noticed typo in the name el Frijolito!!

      1. stopped by on Sunday en route from Monterey to Santa Cruz and had an amazing plate of nopales which were sauteed with eggs and spices. It was fabuloso. And the refried pintos were equally well-seasoned.

        my sweetie enjoyed a shrimp plate and noted that even the rice was well-prepared.

        small hole in the wall, popular with all kinds of folks.