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Apr 27, 2013 07:46 AM

Weekend Trip to San Fran

Hey San Fran Chowhounds. Can you give me a few suggestions on places to eat for a long weekend in San Francisco. I'm driving up from LA with a friend. I've been to San Francisco before, but always had a friend or relative around to take me out. This will be the first visit for my friend and we have no guide.

We are staying near Union Station. Any suggestions for places to eat in the area? A good gastropub, seafood, Thai? Reasonably priced with a good atmosphere. ($30pp not including drinks).

We will have a car. Anyplace worth driving to? I appreciate any guidance.

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  1. ferry building farmer's market, and the mission for burritos and ice cream. just walk or take bart -- prob not worth driving / parking.

    i like tadich -- but it has a very old school atmosphere (nice, just old school). osha thai is popular and okay. lers ros has less atmosphere, but great food.

    crissy field might be worth driving to.

    perhaps golden gate park as well. (thought you can easily take a train to golden gate park)

    1. When I hit up Los Ang we like to search for foods that are better represented in LA than in SF. In that vein you might want to seek out Vietnamese or Burmese instead of Thai (although Lers Ros can hold its own). Consider Mandalay, Burmese Kitchen, and Burmese Superstar.

      I love Tadich for grilled seafood, but the entrees themselves are about $30.

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      1. re: Civil Bear

        Thanks for the tip about seeking something San Francisco does better than LA.

        In that respect, any must-try burritos?

        Also, is there a good Sunday brunch?

        1. re: alliebear

          I lived in L.A. for twenty-some years.

          Yeah, I suppose the "Mission burrito" is significantly different, but - for me - the closer you get to the Mexican border, the better the food is. I've lived here for 15 years now and still prefer L.A. Mexican food.

          We are not be Sunday brunch people, I'm afraid. There are a handful of good breakfast places including Dottie's True Blue, Plow, and Brenda's Soul Food.

          Also, I would heartily, heartily suggest you seek out some Burmese food. This is not something you will find in L.A. and is quite interesting and exceptional. My personal favorite is Mandalay, although many will counter with Burma Super Star.

      2. Here's a topic on a visitor from LA looking for things they can't get at home:

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