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Apr 26, 2013 11:43 PM

LARDO in Boston?

I know i'm late to the game here but I have just discovered this luscious food (cured and herbed pork fat by any other name) and want to both sample more dishes with it and also buy some for home.Seems like it needs to be warm/melty to be at its best . Look like it's popular with a lot of young chefs now.

My CH search brought up: (my trip to Giullia), Journeyman, Tavern Road , and Coppa. Other spots? Has anyone bought it here, Looks like it's a pretty easy thing to make as well. :

Does Capone or Savenors or Formaggio or Barbara Lynch's So. End store or a No. End store sell it (raw/unflavored fatback , or cured ?)
thx much.

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  1. Bob's Italian Foods added lardo in the last year and Formaggio definitely sells it. You might also be able to find a La Quercia version around. I am talking about the cured fatback which would be sliced, not whipped spread although you might be able to get that from something like Formaggio.

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      Terrific; thnx for that info. Fwiw , if you look at my link above, you will see that 'whipped' is metaphorical (at least in some cases? all cases?)

    2. Sycamore had a tasty whipped lardo appetizer last week. I spied it for sale at Bees Knees too.

      1. Coppa also melts thin slices of lardo on top of its meatball small plate, a great idea.

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          uh oh. pretty soon it's going to be Lardo on top of Bacon on top of Pork belly on top of Tomato sandwiches.

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            coppa does amazing stuff with it and so does evoo. also have had it at belly.

          2. The house made lardo at Toro is devine...

            1. Dave's Fresh Pasta sells lardo. I think it's from La Quercia? They do have other stuff from there. Not 100% sure. But I am completely sure that they sell it.