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Ann's Bakery

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Today I was in Ann's Bakery (Chicago & Leavitt, Russian offerings in Ukrainian Village) for the first time since their major remodeling job. Wow. The deli counter is now gorgeous. The bakery is less a service counter now and more self-service with the rye loaves already bagged but the service cake counter looked pretty nice. I managed to resist the 8-inch-wide jelly doughnuts, however, was seduced by the new wall of built-in freezer loaded with Slavic goodies and came home with a pound bag of sweet little frozen pork-filled piroshki ($3.99, very reasonable I thought). They also have these dumplings filled with sauerkraut, beef, cheese, cherries, strawberries....also in the freezer I saw a bag of teensy weensy pancakes which might be blini for serving caviar, not something I am likely to do in my humdrum life but the availability of blini might be good news to someone on CH. Ann's: a good example of why it's more fun to live in a big city than out in a field someplace.

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  1. Correction: my dumplings are not piroshki, they are pelmini. And they were very good.