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Apr 26, 2013 09:10 PM

NOLA during jazz fest

i have made these reservations but am having second thoughts
is bayona still worth a visit or are all the negative comments true?
arnauds for old style or somewhere else?
commanders palace lunch?

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  1. Don't have second thoughts.

    The only valid point for me is that occasionally Bayona service was slow. The food has always been good.

    I can counter with my visit to Herbsaint having worse service than any visit to Bayona. But I believe it was the server and had nothing to do with overall Herbsaint FOTH.

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      I had a lovely dinner at Herbsaint this past Wednesday night. Our server reminded me of Woody Harrelson (stoned, but very nice!), so while the service was not the best I've ever had, it was competent and the food and overall experience were excellent.