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Apr 26, 2013 06:43 PM

Arriving from Memphis

Obviously have to have BBQ. First time in Dallas. Also interested in Mexican, Tex Mex, for that matter any cuisine, any price range, the best places to check out. Staying downtown and will have a car. Suggestions please!

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  1. BBQ:
    Pecan Lodge at Shed 2 at the Dallas, Farmers Market. Ask for fatty brisket and beef rib. Open Thur-Sun only 11:00-3:00. Go early! Always a line!

    The newly opened Slow Bone BBQ. Getting rave reviews!

    Mexican: The real thing....

    El Ranchito. Great Cabrito and roving Mariachi band. Very authentic!

    Gonzalez. Great Tex-Mex. Be sure to ask for the "salsa fresca"! You have to ask for it with your chips or you get like salsa from a jar. Great home made flour tortillas.

    El Tizoncito. Excellent authentic Mexico City style tacqueria with meat carved off a vertical Trompo rotisserie at three locations in Dallas. Very comfortable. And, they make their own tortillas. Great drinks, too.

    Mesa. Authentic, upscale food of Veracruze.
    Considered, "best in town".

    Casa Milagro for best Tex-Mex in very comfortable setting with great food, service, and drinks.

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      Thanks twinwillow! The hours for Pecan Lodge's hours are really difficult with our time frame. Is the farmers market only open Thurs - Sun? Thanks for Slow Bone alert! Mexican list is looking good.

      1. re: memphischix

        You're welcome. If you can't make Pecan Lodge, do try Slow Bone BBQ. They've just opened and what I've read so far has been very positive. The owner, Jack Perkins is known as a real character in Dallas and also owns arguably, the best and most popular hamburger joint in town, Maple & Motor.

        Click on the following link for more information regarding Shed #2 at the Dallas Farmers Market.

        1. re: twinwillow

          I had a chance to have lunch at Slow Bone BBQ today and I can now highly recommend it.

          A smiling Jack Perkins served me personally and made sure I got everything the way I wanted it.

          Very tender succulent brisket with a beautiful bark on it and excellent tasty St. Louis style ribs. All beautifully smoked to perfection.

          A very nice selection of sides as well including some really good home made cornmeal hushpuppies. The best I've had in Dallas.

          1. re: twinwillow

            mmm, love hushpuppies. When I was little my aunt would always take me to cafeterias, and I would get hushpuppies no matter what I was eating. Do they have fish, or does he agree with me that they go with everything?

            So how do you feel the brisket compares to Pecan Lodge??

            1. re: foiegras

              There was no fish. And I agree. Hushpuppies go with everything. Jack does not serve white bread!
              He made a point of telling me that.
              That's why there is both hushpuppies and, cornbread. I love both but couldn't resist the hushpuppies.

              The hushpuppies are freshly made and round in shape and golfball sized. A little crunchy on the outside and tender and fluffy on the inside. I think they were studded with very small bits of meat. They were great when dunked in Slow Bone's very nice BBQ sauce which is lighter in color and not as strongly flavored as other BBQ joints. I did detected a cumin flavor in the sauce which is more Carolina (vinegar) style than Texas style but, the vinegar is not overbearing.

              The brisket is every bit as good as Pecan Lodge (maybe, better?) and, miles better than Lockhart Smokehouse!

              Although I asked for fatty brisket, Jack made sure I had a nice mix of both fatty and regular sliced brisket. Very tender and rich tasting.

              Their brisket has a much "smokier" flavor (in a good way) than either PL or LS. But it's that thick, black bark that contains most of the smoke flavor. It must be due to Jack's "fast & hot" smoking method vs. "low & slow".

              My "two meat" tray had so much food on it, I couldn't finish it. I will today. I only ate one of the three pork ribs while there and it was delicious!

              One of my best sides was a green bean casserole smothered on top with very thinly sliced fried onion rings. Again, delicious!

              The other side I chose was home made (not frozen) fried okra. Very good!

              The cost was $12.95 for the two meat option with two sides. But only a dollar more for the three meat portion.


              1. re: twinwillow

                Sigh ... sounds wonderful :) Thanks for the review.

    2. This comment was meant to be at the bottom under my last comment..

      More news on Shed 2 from the current "City Of Ate" blog.

      1. I'd recommend Zaguan Latin Cafe & Bakery.

        Get the Cachapa or the Arepas, they're my favorite there. It's a big handmade thick corn cake with your choice of savory fillings cooked on a griddle. I usually get the shredded beef & cheese one with a side of plantain chips OR sweet plantains. (Plantain chips are unripe plantains cut very thin, fried crispy, and seasoned with salt (savory). While sweet plantains on the other hand are very ripe plantains cut into very thick slices and fried. There're very sweet and delicious!)

        I also like the empanadas they serve there, they have venezuelan/colombian style and Argentinian kind also. The Tequenos are amazing also, pretty much a latin version of a fried cheese stick, but not like any cheese sticks you've had before I promise. I also recommend the assorted varieties of tamales wrapped in banana leaves.

        They also have really good churros, which are pretty much long sticks of fried dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, served with chocolate and vanilla creme to dip in. But don't leave the place without getting a dulce de leche alfajore, which is a really good cookie with caramel sandwiched between it (also come in guava and chocolate). They also have great Latin chocolate croissants, guava & cheese pastries, sweet breads, and other great choices available. Lots to choose from so go ahead and take some back to where you're staying. What ever you do, make sure you order a cafe con leche (Latin coffee with milk) to dip your pastry in.

        They've got lots more to choose from with a full Latin menu and Bakery with lots of delicious specialty cakes. I think you'd really enjoy this place assuming you guys don't have anything like that up around there. Go check it out, I promise you'll love it.

        2604 Oak Lawn Ave.
        Dallas, TX 75219

        Edit: It's also crawfish season here, so maybe you should have a few pounds of those while you're here!