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Apr 26, 2013 05:25 PM

FlavorPrint? What's yours? What do you think of this idea?

McCormick has a "tool" that includes 33 flavours.

They want you to sign up and then take a quiz [I'm still on the fence about that] but at the bottom of this page they describe each of the 33.

The idea is to
1. Take a quick quiz --- Tell us a little about your food preferences, and you'll get a unique FlavorPrint mark representing the flavors you like most
2. Discover recipes
3. Grow your FlavorPrint

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  1. Looks like it could be useful for someone new to cooking.

    When I first started cooking the cost of purchasing herbs/spices sometimes kept me from trying a new dish - especially if it was a spice I had never tried. At that stage I think I would have enjoyed having recipe suggestions which were based on my taste profile. Even better if the the suggestions grew as my profile matured.

    It rather reminds me of when woman had their "colors done" and carried packets of swatches that went with their "season" to aid in shopping for clothing and accessories. Led to safe but effective choices. It also provided a tool for those who had did not have an innate understanding of color, shade or hue.

    1. OK, curiosity got me and I took their survey.
      The recommendations that showed after the quiz were pretty close to what I enjoy eating with one big exception - No Korean recipes .
      Seems like it could be useful for beginning cooks, or for someone who has hit a stumbling block in cooking.

      1. I'm a sucker for these internet personality-type tests.

        It was pretty accurate on first pass--I'm tomatoey, cheesy and pungent spice. And who can argue with a site whose three top recipes for me are chocolate hazlenut cookies, chili cheese corn dip and mesquite lime chicken. I get the idea that as you use the site, it refines your profile, based on the recipes you view and/or save.

        I consider myself a better baker than cook, but of the 40 recipes it recommended, I think I'd enjoy most. In fact I think I have already (I don't really need recipes for meatball sandwiches or Mexican chicken, but I really think I may try the chocolate hazlenut cookies sometime soon).

        It's not so good as a marketing tool though . . .I'll continue to cook and bake with my Penzey's products.

        ETA: Just noticed their recipe calls for *imitation* hazelnut extract. Since Penzey's doesn't sell hazelnut extract, guess I'll have to make my own.