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What is the name of this cake

One of the managers at work brought this cake into the office. I asked him what kind of cake was it. He said he didn't know it was just some cake that his wife picked up from the store. Can anyone tell me the correct name of this cake and give me a possible recipe ?

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  1. Without any further information, I'd guess that it's a vanilla cake with white chocolate buttercream and raspberry filling. I've not tried this recipe but it looks delish . . . http://www.ameessavorydish.com/2012/1...

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      It had little pieces of shaved white chocolate on the sides of the cake also.

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        Yes, I agree with you. I don't see evidence of coconut in your photo. Some years ago, Dean & Deluca had a white chocolate raspberry cake (I think for Valentine's Day?) that looked a lot like the cake in your photo.

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        Mrs.Patmore nailed it I think...I agree; it looks like a white cake with cream and jam between the layers.

        Here's another recipe.


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          Mrs. Patmore, the Mrs. Downton Abbey Patmore?

        2. Whatever it is it looks delicious.

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              I probably would have done the same. Maybe cake making will have a comeback, that is a piece of food art!

          1. Vanilla white chocolate raspberry almond.

            1. It could be a genoise or chiffon. How was the texture?

              1. Why don't you have him ask his wife where she bought it? Then you can just go in and look. To me it looks like a white cake with white chocolate and raspberry filling. The outside looks like either buttercream, cream cheese icing, or white chocolate. Definitely white chocolate shavings on the outside. The filling looks like it was applied in a "target" pattern and then assembled and iced.

                If it's a typical grocery store cake, it's not going to be a genoise or chiffon. It's going to be frozen and thawed and more than likely not made with any real butter. Of course, that also depends on where it was purchased. The filling was also probably sleeved and you can definitely make something way better from scratch. I just did a white chocolate raspberry wedding cake and it was phenomenal.

                How did the icing taste? Did you taste real butter or cream cheese?

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                1. The old Better Homes and Garden White chocolate fantasy cake with raspberry filling was my go-to for years and looks like that.


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                    That looks very delicious and special.

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                      that recipe looks like it has ingredients dropped from heaven-yum

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                        He got it from HEB.

                        Thank you all for your help

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                          had to move to Houston about 20 years ago for a temp job. girlfriend told me where she got the best price on an item we 'for sure' needed for work, she said HEB. well being from California and not familiar with supermarket names in Texas I drove all over where she told me it was looking and couldn't find it at all. got back to my house and called and asked if she could get it for me one day soon as I looked mighty hard and where she told me but never did find the 'AGB'