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Apr 26, 2013 04:55 PM

Indian Group Dinner from the Gloucester Tube area [London]

I am bringing a group to London late May during the Chelsea Flower Show time and have offered to take whoever wishes out for Indian one night. I recently lived in London for 3 years. At the time my favorite spots on the high end were Quilon, Amaya and then going down I liked Star of Indian and always enjoyed Indian Zing. I thought Indian Zing would be good to keep costs down and it is a short tube ride away but I don't know if it is still up to standards. We obviously aren't going to the higher end spots for this dinner and it is too far to go to the great kebab spots. Any other suggestions that are convenient to the area that are really good for food and also have a very nice atmosphere--at least as good as Indian Zing. Thanks so much. (the size of the group for dinner will probably be about 10)

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  1. Have you thought about Moshen on Warick Road.
    I know it's not Indian but it is good , not pricey and not far from Gloucester Road Tube.
    It's not that big but would be very convivial for a group.

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    1. re: Paprikaboy

      Thanks. I'm sure I will recommend that to the group for another night.

      We really want one night for an Indian dinner. Has anyone been to Indian Zing lately and is it still as good as it was? I see it has good Yelp reviews, but need to hear it from Chowhound.

      1. re: ctkathy

        if its weekend buffet, perhaps the best meal/deal in town is right next to you at the bombay brasserie.

        kebabs and street food like bhel, vada etc, a decent selection of veg and non-veg dishes properly separated, fresh roti/naan brought to your table, ice cream and indian sweets .. all for 25 quid a head. any mumbaikar who remembers the ball room buffet at the taj will feel instantly at home. so if your willing to swap lunch for dinner its hands down the best you'll do.

        dinner at the brasserie is tricky - its expensive and i'm not really sure its worth it. indian zing is very good, but i haven't been in ages so i can't give you a fresh recommendation. i'd chance it were i you.

        finally, there is the much feted chakra in notting hill - from the same people who brought you vama. i have no doubt that the cooking will be good, but you will pay 60 quid a head for a set 4 course meal at dinner.

        1. re: howler

          It's a Thursday night actually and I would like to keep the price reasonable so I do think Indian zing will work for us and be easy to get to. Thanks.

        2. re: ctkathy

          I suggest you take your business elsewhere.

          Turned up there at 18.10 on Saturday 11 May solely because we had just been unsuccessful at Lola and Simon as walk ins at 18.05 (!). Service dilatory - were in there for a good ten minutes before drinks were offered. Big sin in my book. Hot starters came quickly and had obviously been sitting under heat lamps for ages. I very much enjoyed their lamb chops on my sole previous visit and tried them again. Nowhere near as good. And I had an identical garnish on my starter & main. Another big sin. My wife did no better.

          The place has declined from "very good for the price point" to slightly crap. Avoid.