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Apr 26, 2013 03:22 PM

Becherovka in Boston ???

anyone know where I can find Becherovka in the Boston MA area? A Czech herbal bitters. Cirace in North End doesn't have it.
Thank you

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  1. Macy's Liquors West Roxbury, MA - 617-325-9200

    Ball Square Fine Wines Somerville, MA - 617-623-9500

      1. PS I also found it today at Charles St Liquors in Beacon Hill - I bough the last bottle on shelves, may have more in back. They also had more bitters that I thought they would - Cynar, etc. And Tuaca for those with a sweet tooth.

        1. Cambridge Wine and Spirits has Becherovaka. Awesome stuff. They seem to get new stock pretty regularly because we drink tons of the stuff.