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Indian Lunch Buffet?

Hi all,

So, my fiancée and I are looking at possibilities for an Indian lunch buffet for a post-wedding crowd of 20 or so near City Hall. (Although, we actually live near the Little India stretch on Gerrard, so that could also work.)

What we'd like to find is the following:

- tasty food, obviously.
- some dishes that will be unchallenging to unadventurous palates.
- comfortable seating (in a private room/area, ideally) for 15-25.
- reliable reservations.
- $15 or less per person.
- if not close to City Hall, or Little India, then easy to get to by car/subway.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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    1. re: gaudreaur

      Chef of India, Yonge just a few steps south fo the St. Clair station, is very clean, a good quality buffet, and has a second dining room the right size for you on main level beyond the bar. For people who prefer to drive rather than subway, there is a greenP parking deck a half block south of the restaurant , signed off Yonge.

    2. Hi there, we actually booked the private room at the Host at prince Arthur avenue in yorkville.you can do a set menu either sit down or buffet.but it was a bit more expensive I believe like 22 dollars per head but the food was awesome and the room can be decorated if you wish.

      1. Dhaba I think. He used to be good.

        1. There's a couple of decent Indian places west of City Hall on Queen near McCaul - Trimurti and Babu. All the usual suspects on the menu. I don't know that they have private rooms but they might be able to cordon off an area for you.

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            Host is an excellent choice. As you say, 50% more than your suggested budget, but hey , you only get married once. (this IS your first, right?) Just kidding, felicitations and bon appetit.

          2. A friend of mine did a graduation party of Gautama on Gerrard St/Little India. Was good enough for an Indian Lunch Buffet, and the price probably fits your bill.

            1. Hello,

              I feel I am qualified to respond, as I am of Indian descent. I also vote for The Host in Yorkville. Elegant surroundings and great food.


              1. Thanks for all your replies! We settled on The Host, and I'll be sure to write up here based on our experience.

                BTW - I was pleasantly surprised to discover that The Host's lunch buffet is only $13.95 per person.

                1. For anyone who comes across this post in the future:

                  The Host was generally good, had an excellent private room that was a perfect space, and had excellent service, in addition to the aforementioned $13.95 per person price.

                  Food-wise - it was a solid, steady choice. There are restaurants in this category that I like better (on account of sharper, more distinct flavours, and more variety), such as Moti Mahal, Dhaba, or, IIRC Banjara.

                  It wasn't perfect as a choice of location - it was a bit too spicy/adventurous for the grandmothers in attendance, and a bit middle-of-the-road for the more adventurous eaters in the crowd, but everything was good, well done, ample in quantity, and the servers bringing fresh naan to the tables were excellent.

                  If you'd like to get the best Indian food you can find in the city, this isn't where I'd look. If you're looking it to be good, professionally done, and to have a good-sized room in addition to taking reservations, this is a good choice.

                  We were happy with it. :)

                  1. I know I am way too late, but here's a place that others considering something similar in the future (or just a day out) may find useful:

                    It's called Indian Kitchen and is on Yonge & Clarke, just north of Steeles. It's easy to get to, has lots of parking and will comfortably seat a small group of 15-25.

                    The Lunch buffet is $10/person and the food is absolutely tasty, without being too spicy hot. Only a few choices and you have to like Indian food or you'll sure complain about too few choices.They apparently serve different dish on different days (to cater to their daily customers), so check to see when they serve butter chicken. Dinner is quite expensive and the portions are small.

                    We've go there at least once or more a year with family and guests for the lunch buffet on special occasions. The decor is nothing to write home about but I like the low key atmosphere.