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Apr 26, 2013 03:04 PM

Uses for Just the Clusters

Trader Joe's Just the Clusters cereal, which is granola-like, is one of my favorite shortcuts and appears on the "yea" threads but hasn't ever gotten its own thread.

I tend to alternate buying the maple-pecan and vanilla-almond versions but recently noticed a ginger-almond one, which may or may not be new.

I use it in the filling for baked apples, mixed into yogurt, into muffin batter, and for topping fruit crisps. Because I cook for only one, I don't like to make a full recipe for fruit crisps. By the time I get through it, the topping is soggy. I have taken to baking sweetened diced apple on a sheet pan until juices begin to caramelize. Then I use this as applesauce, topping for ice cream, and for individual instant apple crisp, warmed in the microwave, then topped with Just the Clusters.

Any other applications I am missing?

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