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Apr 26, 2013 02:47 PM

Do you make your own muesli? What goes in yours? Do you bake or not bake it?

I'm making a huge batch of muesli as I ran out taking it to work last few days of the week last week > knew it was coming to an end :-(

I originally got the idea from a poster "Kate" who was telling about making her muesli one day so I asked for her recipe since I had no clue what to put in it or what it really even was for that matter. She kindly obliged. I don’t think she’ll see this thread because she doesn’t appear to be active far as I can tell.

The friends we just spent vacation with in Palm Springs are getting a container of the batch I'm trying to finish. They're in Seattle Washington so it'll get FEDEX'd up there as soon as I find the perfect tin today.

I have gone crazy with the ingredients as my philosophy is you can't over due with the items that go in there. I know they saying is less is more but not in my book of rules: to me more is more.

I'm wondering, does anyone that makes their own bake it or do they put everything in there raw and eat it that way? I don't bake mine, I eat it as is over my favorite flavors of Greek Yogurt. So is it supposed to be baked or not baked? I'm giving as a gift of sorts so I want to do it right and have our friends enjoy it as much as I do. I know when making granola I bake "it". > But... this is a whole different animal. Hum, help please with your expert thoughts, appreciate you...........
Also, I am typing out the ingredient list for them and will send that along with the tin. Never hurts.
When finished I'll post a picture.

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  1. I am not sure about the technical distinctions, but I personally bake my granola, (with sweeteners and oil) and eat my muesli raw or very lightly toasted. The granola is usually crunchy and clumpy, whereas the muesli is loose. Some of my favorite flavor combinations are unsweetened coconut flakes (or TJs coconut chips) and ginger, coconut and sliced almonds, dried apples and walnuts, or vanilla, pecans and cherries.

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      totally agree. so thankful for answers because previous to a gazillion years ago when the word muesli appeared on a variety of cereal boxes, I didn't know what it was.

      here's my version of 40 ingredients, yea, you read right.

      1. re: ohmyyum

        start countin ;:-/
        mines raw too-loose and no baking. glad I got same thoughts from you folks.

      2. I bake my granola and eat it over my yogurt. My muesli is uncooked. I stir it into some yogurt at night, refrigerate and thin with a bit of milk in the morning.

        1. To me Muesli is uncooked. As far as additions it is an blank Canvas.
          Flax Seed,Sesame Seeds,Nuts,Pumpkin Seeds,Dried Fruits, other Grains,,Etc....

          1. muesli/granola depends on where you are -- in Europe, muesli can be either raw or roasted -- the roasted is usually just called crunchy muesli in whatever the lingua franca is in that area.

            I roast mine, fwiw -- I use this recipe as a guideline

            Somehow I never quite manage to follow it exactly -- it usually ends up with whatever I happen to have to hand that day, but my favorite ingredients are flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, and sliced almonds.

            The Sunbeams eat it like candy, so there's almost always a big container of it in the kitchen.

            Me? I eat it over plain unsweetened yoghurt for breakfast.