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Apr 26, 2013 01:45 PM

Best Pizza SFV

Best pizza in San fernando valley, barones and Uncle Ernie's are pretty good but I want to try something new..

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  1. Miceli's in Studio City.

    If you want to come all the way to Granada Hills, Casa di Pizza is kind of a kick. It's been around since the early sixties, and is a living shrine to Frank Sinatra. The place is covered in Frank Sinatra memorabilia, with old Sinatra films playing on the TV. On thursday nights they have performances of Sinatra tunes. The rest of the food is pretty standard, but the pizza is good.

    16161 San Fernando Mission Blvd
    Grenada Hills

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      Add another Casa de Pizza fan! I found this place a couple months ago and we are hooked! We always do take out, so I can't speak for the waitstaff or ambiance, but the pizza is great. We usually get the Mike's Special. We also like the house salad and the pastas. Take out wait times on the weekends can be up to an hour, so call early!

    2. If you like thick garlic crusts, I like Vincenzo's on Balboa at San Fernando Mission Blvd.

        1. A branch of Joe's Pizza opened up at the Fashion Square in Sherman Oaks last year.

          Its affiliated with the locations in Hollywood and in Century City but not the one in Santa Monica; go figure!

          Probably the best NY style thin crust that I've found in the Valley.


          1. Joe Peeps in North Hollywood has excellent pizza and it's been around for years.

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              You won't go wrong with Joe Peep or Miceli's. If you go to Joe Peep's, be careful. Their regular large pizza weighs damn near 10 pounds. Also, they have only a small dine-in area. It's primarily take-out.