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Apr 26, 2013 01:33 PM

Gluten free + vegetarian in Paris

Hi Everyone,

So I've been looking everywhere, my mom is turning 65 and we decided to go to Paris for her birthday - the week of 4th of July! Her bday falls on a Wednesday and me and my brother want to take her out to dinner.

My research has turned up Helmut Newcake and NoGlu as GF specific places but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any other "nice" (we are willing to splurge up to 1 michelin star or $100/person) restaurants to eat? I also know that macaroons from Lourdres (sp?) and galette type of crepes can be gf. I see the many vegetarian only restaurants but I'm trying to make it so that the rest of my family can also eat some meat. I know i know, just complicating stuff here :) I want to see if such a place exists :)

We are staying in Marais and i've found a raw food place close by, Cru that we're eating at early on in the week. I plan to make sun brunch @ Helmut and visit a GF crepe place in Marais on one of the weekdays. We're staying for 8 days at an airbnb place so we have our own kitchen to relieve the pressure to eat out everyday!

Any "special" bday place recs would be wonderful. Helmut closes at 8pm on Wed and NoGlu is closed on Wed.


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  1. Just wanted to update everyone. In-case anyone in the future is ever looking. I saw from a previous GF post, someone mentioned how the chef at Spring is food allergy conscious. I reached out to Spring and they will be able to accomodate my mom with a veg+gf pre-set menu. A little above the $100 budget but no problem...

    If anyone thinks of any other good food places where the chefs may be able to accomodate please share! I'm finding that asking well in-advance re: food allergies has been very helpful.

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