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Best Moscow Mule LA

LA Area, Hollywood, SFV where can I get a good Moscow Mule?

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  1. Casa del Mar Hotel lobby bar.

      1. Bouchon is great and served in the copper mug!

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        1. re: chewbacca

          Are there really places that serve it in anything but a cooper mug?

          1. re: ipsedixit

            At the Tam O'Shanter in Atwater Village, they serve it in a pewter mug, just like their Pimm's Cup. The Pimm's Cup is better, in my opinion.

            1. re: hhewitt

              I find that just wrong somehow.

              Sort of like if I went to Fisherman's Wharf and got one of those Sourdough Clam Chowder Bread Bowls and the chowder came nestled in a tortilla bowl shell.

          2. re: chewbacca

            I've had a Moscow Mule at the Bouchon in Yountville...If it's the same one, it's the best I've ever had! Of course, it helped that it was over 100 degrees and I was sitting outside--is there a more refreshing drink to have in the middle of summer? :)

          3. Dunno about best, but I like the MM at Cole's.

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              Same here... Can't go wrong with Varnish...

            2. I am a fan of the version at the Westside Tavern -- fresh ginger and soda in place of a premade ginger beer. Served in a glass. Find it much better than Bouchon's, the only advantage of which is the traditional copper mug.

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                I'm not a MM drinker but I have dear friend who is and he loves the one at Westside Tavern, even w/o the copper mug.

              2. Bouchon and THE Bar (Beverly Wilshire) make a good MM.

                1. The Next Door Lounge in Hollywood

                  1. Little Dom's on Hillhurst.

                    1. Anywhere. Not a hard drink to make. Never overpay for this one, The ginger beer/ale renders any subtlety the choice of alcohol offers a moot point.

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                      1. re: PommeDeGuerre

                        +1. kinda like asking: the best dark and stormy in LA?

                        the only thing Varnish has going for it is the candied ginger + big ass ice cubes, but neither's worth the haughty staff.

                        1. re: TonyC

                          i'm not sure this view isn't outdated. o.k., you're not going to taste the subtleties in vodka when covered in ginger beer and lime juice.

                          however, i've switched to gin gin mules. so the gin matters. and when a drink features ginger beer, it makes sense the better the ginger beer (or ginger concoction), the better the drink, n'est ce pas?

                          1. re: linus

                            oui, but OP was talking about moscow mules, which means OP is actually asking:

                            Regarding ginger beer: don't know any bar actually feeding a GBP in LA for D&S/MM's. If anyone knows, please chime in? LA bars are mostly using Bundaberg & Cock&Bull. Also, it's not like there are THAT many choices, flipping open a bottle of Bundaberg hardly seems mixological.

                            1. re: TonyC

                              true, flipping open a bottle of bundaberg is hardly mixological. but a gin and tonic, for example, whether we like it or not, IS a cocktail.
                              and, bundaberg is highly overrated anyway.

                              as a longtime fan of ginger beer, ginger ale, and rum, i've never understood dark and stormys, nor ever had a good one.

                              that said, unlike flan, there is a difference between a good moscow mule and a bad one. so says i.

                              now i'm off to get a decoder ring to figure out the rest of tony's msg.

                          2. re: TonyC

                            Is the Varnish worth a try otherwise. I haven't gone there yet. But I have been and had the Cole's PE Buffet drinks. And they do have that moscow mule in the nifty copper mugs.

                            1. re: kevin

                              <Is the Varnish worth a try otherwise>

                              *Anything* is worth a try just to see if it suits you.
                              It's definitely a production, the bartender's amazingly knowledgeable, the staff *can* be pretentious and the drinks are good.
                              Otherwise, with a group of people, it can be alot of fun.

                              1. re: latindancer

                                i've always felt the varnish, when it's on, is as good (if not better) as anything i've had in nyc or frisco.

                        2. SiLo vodka bar in downtown LA. Great vodka selection (I still think it matters) and copper mugs!