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Apr 26, 2013 12:56 PM

Low-key caterer in lower Westchester for backyard party

Any recommendations for a caterer for an afternoon party in our backyard -- thinking a big open grill with hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, ribs etc ..... Nothing fancy, this isn't a wedding, just a really big family get-together. Most of the places I have seen focus on high-end events.


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  1. I just heard about someone who has a catering business doing this kind of work. I have not used her myself. She is a friend of someone I know. Maybe give her a call and see!

    Carolina Fontana -- personal chef and caterer
    30 Minor Place, Stamford, CT 06902

    1. many years ago I used Powell's catering out of Harrison for the same type of party. It was very good. There is also Great American BBQ, part of Sam's of Gedney Way. Years ago they were good too. Does anyone have recent experience with either of them?

      1. You can get everything you mentioned and more at Post Road Market in Rye - it's owned by Jerry McGuire who also owns Kelly's. They do everything from burgers and dogs, to steaks, and a raw bar. Jerry even has a hot dog cart for events.

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          I am getting quotes from Powells, Post Road Market, Great American BBQ and also Garden Catering which someone also recommended to me. Thanks for your recommendations, I will let you know which way we go.

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            Perhaps you could share the price ranges, we're thinking of doing something similar?

        2. If you Google - BBQ Catering NY - there are many caterers that do this type of event.

          1. Check out Criz Spezial, owner of Nyack Gourmet. A great guy who turns out terrific food, from high-end to basics, and knows how to serve it beautifully.