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Apr 26, 2013 12:49 PM

fujiwara knives review

I don't have a review but would like one. Anyway the reason I'm asking is because I wanna get another petty knife and this brand has great prices at

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  1. I assume you mean the Fujiwara FKM series.

    All I know is that cowboyardee like his quiet a bit, so do a few people. They are not considered to be super great, but they are good knives with good geometry. The steel is slightly soft by Japanese knife standard (but not soft by US standard).

    "Fujiwara is also excellent. A little less edge retention than the tojiro and doesn't sharpen *quite* as well, but less chip-prone. It's what I bought my mom. I sharpen it for her. "

    "The fujiwara FKM is pretty ideal for this kind of thing. I'd say the difference in performance vs a Tojiro is pretty negligible compared to the difference it makes in terms of non-knife-nuts not having to worry much about chipping. I bought one for my mom a little while back. Very attractive, decent OOTB edge, decent geometry.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      I was talking about the FKH Series (High Carbon Steel) only $43 for a 150mm petty

      1. re: ukjason

        Oh. Sorry. In which case, I know even less. :P For $43, it looks very good. I just won't think of it as the same level as white steel or blue steel (like your new Hiromoto AS knife).

        Remind me again. You live in Canada or UK?

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          I was born in the uk and now live in Vancouver Canada

          I'm sitting at my front door every day waiting for my mew hiromoto knife

          Chem where do you live

        2. re: ukjason

          I've recommended the Fujiwara line to a few friends; it's a very good starter /bang for the buck j-knife.  The handle, f&f, etc. is a notch above others in it's $ class and while the blade steel (AUS-8 ?) won't take or hold an edge as well as VG-10, etc. , it's tougher and less chippy. 
          The Fujiwara fkh uses a low grade carbon steel ( SK-4 or SK-5 ?) which has a reputation for being ubber reactive to acidic foods and difficult to establish a good patina.   An ubber reactive carbon steel blade is not a big deal on knives that see mostly proteins (Sujihiki, boning, etc,) but would not be my 1st choice for something like a petty that sees a lot of fruits.

          1. re: JavaBean

            Thank you for you input, I just purchase the fkh petty more based on price than knife quality. I will see how this knife holds up once I have it in my hands.

            1. re: ukjason

              Glad to help. If the reactiveness is too much, try doing a forced patina. Scrub it down with BKF a couple of times, polish with mag wheel or flitz metal polishing cream, degrease and soak it in warm white vinegear for ~ 20 minutes, then boiling hot water. Repeating the dip and rinse, 3+ times should minimize the reactiveness. Have fun.