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Apr 26, 2013 11:48 AM

Italian Deli

Hey, So long story short Im a New York transplant and anyone who has ever been to NY im sure has been to an italian deli. I have looked high and low and have not been able to find a legitimate italian deli where I can get an italian combo. I've searched a couple places but they all seem like too restaurant type-ish. Since i know nothing about minneapolis, I'm here to ask for some guidance on where I can find such a place, if they even exist in MN. Thanks in Advance.

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  1. Broders 50th & Penn Mpls.

    1. Best bets: Broder's at 50th & Penn or Cossetta's downtown or I Nonni in Lilydale or Delmonico's in NE Mpls?

      1. My co-workers says his cousin's deli Brianno's Deli Italia in Eagan is the real deal. I haven't been yet but he's talked it up enough, and he's one of those old Italian St Paul Vulcan types. The bread recipe for their sandwiches is his mother's recipe, apparently.

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          Brianno's is very good. I'd agree that Brianno's, Broder's, Buon Giorno (the deli attached to I Nonni in Lillydale), and Delmonico's are the best bets in the Twin Cities. I haven't had a sandwich from Cossetta's in a while. All that said, you won't find an Italian deli like you'd find in NYC or Philly. But with your expectations adjusted, you'll find excellent sandwiches here.

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            Great lists! I just had a muffuletta from Pizza Lucé when friends ordered delivery. It was delicious.

        2. I'm pretty impressed with the new deli in Cossettas.

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            I've been twice to the new Cossetta's deli, once to check it out, and once with an out-of towner that wanted to see it. I've bought bread there, and that's been very good. I likely won't be buying anything else there, though, because their prices seem very inflated. The same dried pasta can be had elsewhere for $2 a package less, for example. Ditto for a lot of the other packaged goods.

            With their fresh goods, I asked an employee that was in the cheese area wht the difference in taste was between two Pecorino Romano cheeses they had. He started by saying he thought one was sheep, the other cow. So I knew we weren't off to a good start. He pulled out a binder that had info on their cheeses, and looked them up, reading the infoto me,which was the same general profiles for the two, because they're both Pecorino Romanos. After about 7 minutes of painful exchange, I said thanks and walked away. Beyond knowing their cheeses (this was a few weeks ago, so they had been open long enough that they should know these things), they should have offered a taste - standard procedure at any other shop asking questions about cheeses.

            Given that parking there is a general hassle, IMO there are other places in the TC that offer quality and a good price with knowledgeable service.

            I should also add Surdyk's to the list - while not an Italian deli per se, they have one of the best - if not the best - offerings of high quality deli products, cheeses, and sandwiches in the area.

          2. Buon Giorno in Lilydale makes combo sandwiches daily.