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Apr 26, 2013 11:41 AM

What's your favorite cooking show/s and why?

So what's yours?

Lately, I've been hooked on Bitchin' Kitchen. Only I don't have cable at home and my gym doesn't get that network, so I have to watch it at a friend's. We wind up laughing so hard at her jokes, that we constantly have to re-wind. It's a good de-stressor.

My second favorite is Ina's shows. So easy and wonderful.

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  1. Bitchin Kitchen and Spice Goddess.

    They are about as different as two people can be, but ...

    I like their food.

    1. Rachel Khoo
      The Little Paris Kitchen

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      1. re: wadejay26

        She's fabulous. Hoping she does another series soon.

      2. I really like Everyday Italian with Giada. Bitchin' Kitchen is good too. Also love Maryann Esposito when I can find her.

        1. Usually anything sponsored by America's Test Kitchen or Cook's Country...NOT for Chris, but for the rest of his team. I like the research that goes on behind the scenes and it's non-commercial format.

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          1. re: njmarshall55

            I wish I got Cooking Channel. I get Food Network and it has become a worthless piece of........well, you get the picture. Thank goodness there's still Ina, Bobby & Giada. But very few current shows. :(

            Food Network used to rock. I guess they're now concentrating on Cooking Channel?

          2. I forgot about that. America's Test Kitchen is wonderful. Love the product taste-tests.