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What's your favorite cooking show/s and why?

So what's yours?

Lately, I've been hooked on Bitchin' Kitchen. Only I don't have cable at home and my gym doesn't get that network, so I have to watch it at a friend's. We wind up laughing so hard at her jokes, that we constantly have to re-wind. It's a good de-stressor.

My second favorite is Ina's shows. So easy and wonderful.

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  1. Bitchin Kitchen and Spice Goddess.

    They are about as different as two people can be, but ...

    I like their food.

    1. Rachel Khoo
      The Little Paris Kitchen

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        She's fabulous. Hoping she does another series soon.

      2. I really like Everyday Italian with Giada. Bitchin' Kitchen is good too. Also love Maryann Esposito when I can find her.

        1. Usually anything sponsored by America's Test Kitchen or Cook's Country...NOT for Chris, but for the rest of his team. I like the research that goes on behind the scenes and it's non-commercial format.

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            I wish I got Cooking Channel. I get Food Network and it has become a worthless piece of........well, you get the picture. Thank goodness there's still Ina, Bobby & Giada. But very few current shows. :(

            Food Network used to rock. I guess they're now concentrating on Cooking Channel?

          2. I forgot about that. America's Test Kitchen is wonderful. Love the product taste-tests.

              1. Luke Nguyen's Memories of Vietnam or any of his series. Great host, great chef.

                1. Chuck's Day Off
                  He's charming, fun and one hell of a cook.

                  1. I've actually been enjoying Brunch with Bobby (Flay) on Cooking Channel. Actual cooking, not a lot of cutesy catchphrases or orgasmic food tasting. Bobby looks pretty relaxed and most of the food looks wonderful.

                    Other than that, ATK is a standby of course, and the Sara Moulton show when we can find it. We switched cable providers and the new one doesn't have Create in the lineup, which was the best place for PBS cooking shows.

                    1. Top Chef and Master Chef because I like seeing the people make awesome food under pressure!

                      1. I dvr'd Rick Bayless cooking/drinking/touring the Baja series last year. Fabulous authentic Mexican recipes and places to put on my vacation list.

                        Nadia G /Bitchin Kitchen when I catch her show - but it's not in HD for me, so it's not on my must watch list.

                        1. Hubert Keller's Secrets of a Chef.

                          He's one of the few TV chefs who's capable of challenging me.

                          1. I've quit watching Barefoot Contessa because she has gotten repetitious and I'm not interested in guest chefs nor her cooking question segment. Sorry but I don't need to see another roasted vegetable or chicken recipe. I have all of her cookbooks and have cooked a lot from them with a high success rate, so I am a fan. The show has gotten boring though.

                            Right now the only thing I'm still watching is Martha's Cooking School.

                            Occasionally I catch Pioneer Woman. Jaques Pepin, Hubert Keller ( enjoyed the brioche episode they showed recently), Kimchi Chronicles.

                            What I miss is French Food at Home with Laura Calder. Wish they had some new episodes!

                            1. What I'll watch whenever it's current: any Top Chef/Iron Chef weekly elimination series

                              Other stuff I watch if it's on:

                              For education:
                              The Mind of a Chef
                              Martha's Cooking School
                              Cook Like an Iron Chef [Michael Symon]
                              Good Eats

                              For entertainment
                              Extra Virgin
                              The Chew

                              and I DVR CHopped and have it on as background noise.

                              There is something called Fusion Grain Cooking that I'm going to watch as soon as it starts,

                              1. I'll always watch Barefoot Contessa but I think I've seen each recipe 30 times now. If you give me an episode name, I can probably tell you what she makes! I enjoyed Secrets of a Restaurant Chef for Anne Burrell's personality but most of her recipes weren't things I'd want to make at home.

                                I love love love Extra Virgin. It isn't advanced cooking but it is fun, entertaining, and there are some good dishes made there. I'm also hooked on The Chew. Fun, good chemistry, Mario Batali cooking.... Love it.