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Apr 26, 2013 10:38 AM

Spam Jam Saturday

Saturday April 27th is the annual Spam Jam Festival in Waikiki (4pm-10pm.) Billed as one of the "top annual food festivals in Hawaii." Last year the estimates are that 25,000 people 'attended'. Two stages offer entertainment almost continuously and over a dozen restaurants will have booths offering spam based treats along with other craft and merchandise booths with spam related products.

Only in Hawaii LOL

note: i have no commercial ties to this event, i don't even own hormel stock. i do however love spam musubi, spam fried rice, spam and egg sandwiches, SLT sandwiches, spam and beans, etc.

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  1. i like spam too, but i once made the mistake of making a spamburger... can you say too salty?!

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    1. re: indelibledotink

      yes, i did that too, and even with low sodium spam, it was too much. besides spam is better sliced thin, at most only as thick as they slice it for musubi.

    2. I consider spam musubi and spam fried rice to be quintessential "local food". However, visitors don't seem to be able to relate to either.

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      1. re: honu2

        i think the way a lotof mainlanders feel about spam is how I feel about scrapple - kind of a novelty with a following.

        1. re: honu2

          Until I moved to Hawaii in the '70's I had never even had spam. My parents and grandparents were horrified by the thought of serving 'that stuff' and when the internet was looking for a word for junk mail they called it spam.

          The Mainland has come a long way, but to the average american a blob of rice with a slab of spam wrapped with seaweed just isn't appetizing. They do seem slightly more interested in the teriyaki version.

          1. re: KaimukiMan

            I always thought naming junk email had more to do with the Monty Python sketch about spam... Same point, though. It's an acquired taste.


            1. re: KaimukiMan

              About 15 years ago, nigiri sushi was also thought of as not being particularly appetizing: a hunk of vinegar flavored rice topped with raw fish. Look what a little cachet has done for it over the years.

              Sometimes I think spam musubi could be rebranded with the same great success to those who love salumi and other smoked meats.

                1. re: honu2

                  Yes, I've made that argument before in discussions of spam!

                  I went to last year's festival and came very close to going this year, but it didn't work out. I've already decided I'm definitely going next year!

              1. re: honu2

                I love spam musubi. Perfect golf course snack.

              2. Growing up we fried it crispy in butter. Haven't made it since my kids were small but they loved my spam chow fun.

                1. back in da day i would make a fancy meal by scoring diamond pattern on spam and studding it w pineapple, marachino cherries and cloves.

                  1. Leftover spam is good in Top Ramen too. Salt overload, LOL!

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