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Apr 26, 2013 09:38 AM

Recommendations for Midtown

4 colleages and I(5 ladies ranging in age from late 20's to early 50's) will be coming to Manhattan in the beginning of May and we would love some restauant/happy hour recommendations. This is a first visits for all of us,we are attending a conference at Tuoro College and staying at Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave. We are open to any cusine and would like to keep entree prices less than $30. Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. While midtown can be a vast wasteland when it comes to good food, a fine Italian restaurant, Stella 34, recently opened on the 6th floor of Macy's in Herald Square (34th and Broadway), believe it or not. The food is quite good and the ambiance is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

    1. If you mean the Holiday Inn on West 26th and 6th Avenue, you are actually in Chelsea near the Flatiron Building, NOT Midtown. Touro College is on 23rd St between 5th and 6th.

      You're close to Hanjan, Hill Country, Eataly (including Manzo), Junoon, The NoMad, the Breslin, Txikito, Ilili, Montmartre, Co aka Company, etc. As well as within a short walk of Koreatown.

      Since you are a party of 5, I highly recommend making reservations whenever you can since 5 is a fairly large group, especially for Manhattan. Many restaurants are on the smaller side and will have one table that seats a max of 6 people, etc.

      See also:

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        "If you mean the Holiday Inn on West 26th and 6th Avenue, you are actually in Chelsea near the Flatiron Building,'

        Well, that makes a world of difference now, doesn't it!
        Agree with kathryn's suggestions. Loved the food at Junoon (Indian), but the table service was horrible. Much better staff and atmosphere in the lounge/bar.

      2. Yes, that is where we are staying. Thanks for the great recommendations! I was definitely planning to hit up Eataly and I'd love to head into Koreatown though I'm not sure about some of the less adventurous palates in my group.

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          What about Korean BBQ? At Madangsui or a similar restaurant.