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Apr 26, 2013 09:14 AM

Best weekday breakfast in Acton/Boxboro/Littleton Area?

I'm looking for a good spot for weekday breakfast near South Acton commuter rail, or somewhere west of there along Route 2 (hopefully close to the highway). Unfortunately, going anywhere east of Acton will not be an option.

One place that shows up is Julie's Place. Is this any good?

Any other suggestions would be great! Hoping for pretty simple, but well prepared, diner food (eggs, toast, bacon, etc.)

Dave MP

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  1. wasteland for restaurants! Some like Nancy's airfield cafe which is technically stow but in that area. I am personally not a fan of it but it might be your best bet...

    1. Julie's is not very good.

      1. We like Tiny's in Ayer which is west of there and not too far off rt2..

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          Cool, Ayer could maybe be okay. Tiny's is better bet than Julie's or Nancy's?

          1. re: Dave MP

            I tend to not go out for breakfast so not sure but for other meals i think its much better. I would be surprised if they couldn't pull off decent diner breakfast, the place is practically a landmark in the area.. I mostly go to Tiny's for fried seafood

        2. Not much around the South Acton stop. Julie's is very close, and it is OK food if you need to be close to the station. Babico's in downtown Maynard, about 5 minutes away in the next town over, also has OK diner style breakfasts. I would say Nancy's has the best breakfasts, but it is further west, a bit away from the highway and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. I really like the down home local atmosphere of Tiny's, but i've only had dinner there (pretty good).

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            It's going to be on Tuesday, so I guess Nancy's is out.

          2. Haven't been in about 5 years, but when I lived in the area, Julie's was about as good as it got. Nothing unique on the menu but competently cooked on a consistent basis. In fact I liked it more than most of the breakfast places recommended on this site for the Waltham/Watertown/Arlington area where I live now.