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Apr 26, 2013 08:08 AM

Mike's Four Star BBQ (Pt. Gamble)

Are they any good ?

I'm planning a car club run down through King, Kitsap and Pierce counties in mid May. And of course I plan the itinerary around good eats :-)

Lunch stop is timed to be at the Kingston side. I had originally planned it to be at Tatu's Bar-B-Que (never been there) but just found out they moved........ to N.Dakota ! Going by Urbanspoon, it looks like Mike's is the next best option.

Any opinions here about them ?

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    1. Mike's does good BBQ. But also in Port Gamble is General Store and Tearoom. The latter is open some evenings for dinner. Not sure how these fit with your other plans.

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        Thank you. I'll keep that on my radar :-)

        This time we're hitting PG in the midday so it'll be a lunch gig. The group seems to be leaning towards the 'meat-a-tarian' angle so I'm checking to see what are our best options in that area.

        Thanks again.

      2. Only ate at Mike's once so will not comment. However, we have had lunch at Gamble Bay store about ten times. Very good, very consistent. I always have the reuben sandwice with coleslaw. The very best! Real corned beef and just plain good. I usually add some lemon or vinegar to the slaw, but this is just my taste. We also enjoy the sweet potatoe fries which is available with an assortment of dips. Also some of the deserts are excellent. Brought some carrot cake home and it was special, as well as the eclairs. Interior is interesting and good views and waitstaff.