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lingham chili sauces

Does anyone know where I can find linghams chili sauces in Vancouver. They're made by a malaysian company. They used to be available in Granville at South China Seas. They're super tasty, been around for a 100 years and generally only have only 4 or 5 ingredients. Thanks

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  1. I'm not certain if they carry this brand or not -
    but Fresh St. Market in west Van has a great selection of chili / hot sauces.
    You might want to try T&T also.

    1. IF you can't find it in Vancouver - Importfood.com has it for $5.39/bottle. Watch for free shipping on orders of $25 or more. I believe they are in the Seattle area, so with any luck, shipping to you should be quick.

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        Thanks, I need to place an order. Linghams is ridiculously good on beef tacos and fajitas.
        Edit: done. great web site, took 2 minutes or less.

      2. You could give Asia Market a call (604) 688-6824.

        1. it is tasty indeed. a great alternative to the thai sweet chilli sauce. sometime's will use it as one of the the base for sweet chilli crab sauce.
          i get in richmond. same strip as asia exotic meat. across from richmond public market. i believe i've seen it as asia market on hastings.

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          1. Try checking their website www.lingham.com, they list all their distributors in the contact us page, you can contact the american distributor to see if they distribute in your area.

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              And it is SOOOO good. I order it by the 1/2 case from www.Importfood.com in Washington state, very reliable.

            2. I've seen it at Metrotown Superstore.

              I agree. It is fabulous.

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                I bought some for the first time 1.5 years ago from T&T in West Van. Great balance of sweet and spicy used it to make Poke tuna. They don't carry it anymore. :~(
                I've been looking everywhere. T&T downtown, metrotown, Metrotown Superstore as well as suggested above. Lonsdale Quay hot sauce store as well. Please someone in Vancouver share this best kept secret!

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                  in a pinch is a good base for making singaporean chilli crab sauce

              2. Widely available in the UK. Fly to London and buy some chili sauce, though might be expensive alternative than buying online (depending on shipping).

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                  If it's seen only occasionally on local shelves the there's a distributorship issue I guess Canada isn't a big enough market.