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Apr 26, 2013 07:27 AM

Anyone tried the new IHOP Brioche French Toast?

I have to admit I keep staring at the photos of the peach and the banana versions. I'm not looking for "healthy" (obviously), just delicious. Any reports out there?

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  1. So, since this seems to be one of those posts that sink out of site like a stone in a pond (plop, glug glug glug)...I decided to try it out myself this morning after my middle of the night bicycle ride. My IHOP opens at 6 AM, and I was the first customer (only customer for at least 10 minutes). They have a version that also comes with hash browns, 2 eggs and bacon or sausage. I chose the bacon, eggs over easy and the banana brioche.

    Note to self...let some other hound try this first next time! Well, it wasn't quite as bad as I feared, but really nothing too good either. Bananas were extremely ripe, but with all the brown sugary syrup that they bring on top of the brioche it didn't bother me overly much. Extremely sweet (no surprise there) but I thought the brioche was also not that great. If I was grading I'd give it a C- (shouldn't have asked for the bacon well done was so crispy it splintered into shards as I bit into it).

    With coffee it was $9.34, plus tip. I think I'm done with IHOP after this go round.

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      I tried this same meal a day before you and pretty much felt the same. When I read "bananas foster", I expect the bananas in question to be cooked, which is why I ordered it (I'm mildly allergic to them raw, but cooked they don't bother me, oddly enough). There was maybe four or five slices of raw banana under a heaping ladle of overly sweet sauce. And the toast itself honestly didn't taste any different than their normal French toast. Overall rather disappointing. I'm not done with IHOP as I do enjoy other breakfasts there, but won't be ordering the brioche French toast again.