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Apr 26, 2013 06:19 AM

Breakfast on the go

Here's my dilemma-
We're up early, toddler has breakfast, tidy up the house, and we're out for the day.

I have my coffee while she eats breakfast. I'm not very hungry or interested in breakfast till about 10 or so. I need some ideas that can be taken with me and eaten on the go. Preferably with one hand- cuz, ya know, I have the other occupied! Between the kiddos hand, her gear, my coffee. Sometimes we walk, other days we drive.

Please help! My rotation of KIND bars...and KIND bars is getting boring (and $$$$)

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  1. Plenty of options, but would you have any limits? i.e. No prep time in the morning, avoiding certain kinds/types of food, etc.

    Muffins/quick breads, oatmeal baked in ramekins, coffeecake, doughnuts (baked or fried), smoothies, yogurt parfaits, toast/bagel, or maybe just fruit, and plenty of other things I'm probably forgetting.

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    1. re: Cinnamonster

      Zero prep time in the morning. So that takes out smoothies and omelette.

      No meat.

      At one point, I was eating a lot of homemade muffins. I bake healthyish ones for my daughter. But...I just don't have an interest in eating them.

      1. re: cheesecake17

        That would still leave the possibility of a yogurt parfait (made the previous night), coffeecake (unless it's too similar to muffins), toast/bagel options, and fruit if any of those appeal to you.

        You could also bake up mini frittatas in a muffin tin either overnight or on the weekend. Also, I recently saw the buzzfeed article on cooking eggs in the microwave, and if you have 2-5 minutes, you could easily make some scrambled eggs or one of the other options mentioned.

        1. re: cheesecake17

          I've frozen smoothies before when I've made too much. You would just take out the smoothie when your toddler eats and it should be defrosted enough by time of your breakfast.

          My other suggestion is quesadilla nuked in microwave ;)

      2. I make myself muffins. I reduce the sugar, use a healthier fat and include wholewheat flour in the recipe. I add frozen berries, bake and then freeze the excess. Just take the muffin out of the freezer when you get up and it should be good to eat by 10.

        1. Where are you headed to? The office, day care, the park, mommy and me, errands? I think that makes a difference. What about the toddler-assume you are packing food for her? Can’t you just double it so you have something to eat too?

          When my guy was small I would often prep things the night before that could be eaten “in hand”. Hard boiled eggs, sandwiches/rollups/wraps, zip lock bags of cut up cheese and crackers. Sure they are not all “breakfast” foods but filling with some protein and easy to eat on the go. I used batch make WW/flax waffles on Sundays and use them as bread for a nut butter and jelly sandwich. Add a couple slices of banana too.

          For the days where we were hitting the park and I knew I might be able sit on a bench for a few minutes I would bring fresh fruit and yogurt, cut up veggies and hummus, thermos of soup, muffins and my son would share with me.

          You can also make and freeze your own breakfast sandwiches. Pop in the micro for a minute or two and then wrap in foil. Stays warm for about an hour or so, even longer in soft side insulated bag.

          Lots of protein rich granola “cookie” recipes out there too that are easy take with and pack a nutritional punch. Might interst you more than the muffin idea and I bet your daughter would love them too.

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          1. re: foodieX2

            We're usually headed to story time or mommy and me. My daughter eats breakfast at 8:30ish, but I'm just not hungry at that hour.

            I really like the ideas you mentioned. Really, though, I have to start making egg white omlettes to put into wraps. I just have zero time to wash the pan. Have to get it in my brain that I can leave the pan to wash later.

            1. re: cheesecake17

              Yes, leave the pan in the sink! It can wait. As cliche as it sounds, life is too short. Do the dishes while she naps. :)

              And even thought you are not hungry at the same time if you are cooking for her you can cook for you too. By the time my son was feeding himself we ate pretty much the same foods anyway so that made it easy. You can just wrap your to go.

              I am sure you have one already but there are so many great insulated bags out there in all shapes and sizes to keep your food hot/cold and they fold down nothing when empty. Built makes some really cute ones, and great reusable sandwich bags too. They are $$ but lots of stores like Target and BBB have knocked them off and have cheaper versions. These were invaluable for both of us when he was small. Nothing worse when the hungry horrors hit and you are empty handed.


              1. re: foodieX2

                Yes, I really have to get used to doing things later on. It's just so unlike me!

                Problem with preparing double is that I don't like what she likes. Her breakfast is ricotta or cottage cheese and cut up fruit. Sometimes also an eggo waffle. I always have cut fruit in the fridge (mango, melon, berries).

          2. If I don't make breakfast for myself and there is nothing appealing.... I sometimes decide to fast until lunch with green tea (either hot or cold) on the go.

            Quick or on the go breakfasts for me are miso soup, peeled hard boiled eggs, a half of a banana or apple or handful of berries with some almonds, a low carb wrap with some raw veg and cheese in it, presliced carrots, cucs, celery.

            I don't eat sugar or junk food-so muffins, cakes, bagels, granola, etc are off the table. For me, it helps to decide parameters first, then choose on the go meals from there. If there is nothing available that fits in my parameters, then I drink tea or have a greens to go or vitamin drink instead of just grabbing processed junk.

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            1. re: sedimental

              If you can find time to sit for 5 minutes and eat, then a meusli is perfect. Make it the night before with plain yogurt, berries (frozen are fine), and plain uncooked oats. Jazz up with nuts, or dried fruit, jam or honey/maple syrup and cinnamon. Put all in the to go container and put in fridge overnight. By morning the oats are soft.

              surely you deserve to sit for 5 minutes to eat! Your body and mind will thank you for it and you will have more energy for the rest of the day.

              1. re: cleopatra999

                You have to be kidding. I don't eat sugars, that concoction you suggest is full of sugar (every single component of it).
                Yogurt 1 c 17 g sugar
                Muesli 1c 26 g sugar
                frozen blackberries 16 g sugar
                Oats, 103 g carbohydrate ( turns to sugar)
                Then add honey, dried fruit, jam???? Pure sugar?

                A SNICKERS bar is only 28g of sugar! Just eat that!

                I do IF (intermittent fasting) quite frequently for health and as part of my fitness routine. It is not about "deserving" to eat, it is about being healthy and making healthy choices. It works for me but I know some people drink a coke in the morning. To each his/her own, but at least know what you are eating.

                1. re: sedimental


                  firstly, I meant this for the OP. I believe every Mom deserves to look after herself as well, and sitting for 5 minutes to eat is a good thing.

                  You are talking about vitamin waters? They are chalk full of sugar, or are you going sugar free??? which is even worse IMHO. PS a lot of vitamins don't hold up in a pasteurized water drink.

                  healthy is very subjective. This is a very balanced meal that would keep anyone going for hours, especially a busy Mom. There is fibre that outweighs the carbs/sugar. Not everyone needs/should cut out carbs. If you choose to eat carbs, just choose well balanced ones.

                  I never said add muesli, I said make muesli. Or what I call muesli, oats/fruit/yogurt. The same concoction can be made with skim milk if that is preferred.

                  How much Oats are you talking for 103g of carbs? I add about 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup of uncooked has 27g, 6g of which is fibre.

                  Its not just about quantity its about quality, sure I could eat that snickers and get sugar too. I could eat all my calories/carbs/sugar/fat allowance in the day by eating chocolate bars, but what else am I getting or more importantly NOT getting???

                  1. re: cleopatra999

                    You responded directly to my comment about not eating sugar with your post (which was suggesting a lot of sugar for breakfast). Even a very small portion of any of your concoction would be way too much sugar and hardly any nutritional value for me. That is why I listed the amounts of sugar in your concoction. Sounds like you meant to respond to the OP. Your response makes more sense then!

                    Any health drink that I choose does not have sugar and does not have artificial ingredients. Even skim milk still has sugar. I believe many people don't know these things.

                    Like I said in my initial post, if you set nutritional parameters for yourself, then it gives you something to stick to. There is nothing wrong with choosing to not eat anything rather than to eat sugar (or other carbs, or fat or meat, processed foods, etc) if that is what you set as a guideline. It makes choosing easier.

                    I am just advocating that when choosing a breakfast, know what you are really eating..."do the math" so to speak..and if the math is acceptable within your own guidelines, then the choice is easier.

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      I have no problem sitting to eat, but I just can't eat breakfast so early. I like to digest my 3 cups of coffee before even considering breakfast.

                      I've tried the overnight oats/ muesli but I find that the oats taste...uncooked.

                      But I eat a lot of Greek yogurt. I usually bring one along for lunch. And I'll bring one as my daughter's snack, but if she doesn't eat it, I will

              2. I sometimes make an egg salad sandwich when I'm heading out on a road trip. Make it the night before, wrap each half in plastic and it's not messy in the car.