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Burgers on the Main Line?

Any recommendations for great burgers on the Main Line? Curious about the burger at both Georges' and Paramour in Wayne - both sound good, but haven't had the chance to try yet.

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  1. I tried the burger at Georges' last week. Very nice. Pricey as you might expect. A substantial seeded brioche bun, wagyu beef cooked perfectly to order, cheese and caramelized onions. The fries were good too. I went for lunch and was surprised that the bar area was basically empty.

    1. Find Tango's burgers to be just what l am looking for in a burger. Have it after their great wedge salad.Place is in Bryn Mawr in the old train station.

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        Thanks! I didn't even know that place was there. I will definitely be giving that a try.

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          Just had a burger there on Tuesday - excellent, juicy meat, with a nice char on the outside and a bun that holds together. And you get to watch the trains go by if you're in one of the booths.

        2. My favorite burger is at McSheas in Narberth. Simple, but really good. The only thing I get there is burger or corn beef sandwich.

          1. I know I've had a burger at Teresa's and know it was good. I just don't remember the experience because I usually order something more interesting when there. But I'd still bet they're worth a try, I mean again, next time I go, if I don't choose something else.

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            1. oh! thanks. I guess I searched "burger" and "mainline" so didn't see this one.

              1. The atmosphere is a bit lacking (think 1970's luncheonette) but the burger at Our Deli & Meats in Paoli is great. They are also a black angus butcher shop so I think everything is ground fresh.

                1. We did enjoy the burger at Georges, a bit pricy, but my understanding is that Georges is closed or closing. The lamb sliders at the White Dog Cafe are/were excellent, also a high end burger choice. I have not had the Turkey or Double Cheddar burger but based on past burger experience there I would expect they are good burgers.

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                    You might want to wait on a trip to the White Dog, there was a fire in the kitchen yesterday.

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                      Crazy, one of our visits there was during a kitchen fire which was quickly contained but there was some lingering smoke in the dining rooms.

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                      I've had the burgers at elevation burger in Wynnewood a couple of times recently and they were quite good.

                      but then I had a sketch burger in north philly and that was amazing! It was huge, juicy, meaty ... so good ...